Bag of Plenty
The money and resources you invested in the Bag of Plenty have resulted in an item of even greater magical properties.
Stats- Unlimited +2 Bullet

Force Bullet
A popular weapon among priests, Force Bullet allow the user to restrain opponents without causing excessive harm. They are particularly well liked by the church of Helm, Eldath, and Ilmater.
Stats- These +3 bullets have a chance of inflicting Otiluke’s resilient Sphere.
Sack of Never Ending Bullets
The Bullets in this sack are magical and will never run out. These bullets seem a little more balanced and lighter as they jump towards an opponent.
Stats- This gives an endless series of +1 bolts

Bullet of Screaming
Many items of this type trace back to Jergain Hammerloud, a celebrated Dwarven warrior once known for his bellowing battle cry. He was quite despondent after an injury cost him his voice, so clan priest crafted sling bullets that, as they said would ‘take his screams straight to the enemy.” A symbolic gesture, but Jergain enjoyed them so much he used them until the day he happly fell on the battlefield.
Stats- These +1 bullets deal an extra 1D4 sonic, 50% of silence for 2 rounds (DC 14)

Giant’s Bane
From the smallest of sources come weapons to strike at the largest of foes. These bullets are of Halfling construction ,and many a giant has fallen to them.
Stats- These +1 bullets deal an extra 1D6 piercing damage, and extra 1D6 against giants

Farel’s Gold
Forced to use coins when he ran out of proper bullets during a long dungeon crawl, Farel Harod of Amn found, much to his surprise, that he father preferred them to normal stones. He commissioned magic version to improve their performance, and since then, similar items have popped up on a number of occasions.
Stats- This +1 bullet deals an extra 1D4 acid damage, DC 14 slow 50%/2 round



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