Bell’s Shield
The engravings from this bracelet are nothing short of beautiful. The craftsmanship reflects the skilled work of the Meh ‘gahmi Sah ‘Ma nomadic tribes. This bracelet was carved for their greatest warrior-priestess, Bell, who sought to bring piece to the greater southern plains region. The enthralling purple stones inset along the bracelet give off a soft, warm, royal glow
Stats- +3 to Wisdom, 25% magic Resistance , lets wearer memorize on extra Cleric spell for levels 1-6
User- Falls from Grace

Dread Bond
Legend has it that this bracelet was created by Nacek the Sadistic. Tiny razor sharp spike cover the entire surface of this item injecting small amount of rare reagent into the blood stream of the user. The effect of these chemicals causes the user to feel a constant adrenaline rush of strength
Stats- +1 to strength, immunity to panic

Magus Guard
Considered standing gear for any adventuring mage, bracelets such as these can be found across the planes. Judging by the markings of this particular bracelet it appears to have been made in a style quite common to Sigil. Variously gylphs of warding are meticulous carved along the surface producing an almost hypnotic effect when looked at. When worn this bracelet protects the wearer from non magical attacks as if they were wearing scale mail
Stats- Scale Mail

Magus Shield
This bracelet is a variation of the Magnus Guard. Essentially using the same spells and glyphs of its predecessor, the magus Shield is better able to focus the energy of the enchantments placed upon it
Stats- Plate Mail

Rat Charm
This strange charm of woven rat tails was made by Barking-Wilder, and it has been infused with some of his chaotic spirit. When worn, it helps the wearer shrug off physical attacks and gives him an insane rush of strength and energy (but reduces th wearer’s wisdom accordingly). When held in the hand, it can also be used to confound other for a limited period of time. This item can be used only by Chaosmen.
Stats- +2 to AC, +2 to Strength and Con, -2 to Wisdom, only usable by Chaosmen

Soego’s Dustman Holy Symbol
This holy symbol used to belong to Dustman Soego. The symbol is of heavy iron, designed to be wrapped around the wearer’s wrist with a series of small, tightly linked chains. The symbol itself reminds you of a screaming face.
Stats- Immunity to Power Word: Fear

Spider Bracelet
In actually this is a living spider not jewelry. When attached to ones wrist, the spider will sink its fangs into the users flesh and feed from the host, providing both beneficially and detrimental effects.
Stats- 25% Resistance to normal attacks, extra 10 hit points, -1 to Intelligence and Wisdom.

Intestinal Phylactery
This ropy mass of bloody intestines is yours; Ravel pulled them quickly and painlessly out of your body when she reverted to “marta” during your conversation in the Black-Barbed Maze. The fluids surrounding these intestines have congealed into a slick resin, and holding them is like holding a dry, rubbery cord. You have to admit makes you uneasy to see them outside your body. Ravel…Marta…WHOEVER that insane hag was…mentioned that these intestines would serve as a powerful charm; it looks like when they are wrapped around one’s wrist like a phylactery, they give the wearer a portion of your immortal endurance, increasing the person’s pain threshold and armor class. Furthermore, you may call upon this phylactery’s power to fully heal a target.
Stats- Can Cast Heal 3/day, +2 to AC, grants an extra 9 hit points, only usable by living creatures

Lesser Dustman Embalming Charm
This strange metal bracelet has direction inscribed on the side of it. Judging from the crude text, it appears that the bracelet works by being held by a living creatures, then while pronouncing a mantra to the ‘True Death” it is touched to the forehead of a zombie or skeleton. When this is done, the minor enchantments held within the item spreads through the corpse, strengthening their bones, killing trace of corpse rot and/or grave mold, and helping to seal minor tears in the skin.
1/day can cast Embalming Minor

Greater Dustman Embalming Charm- can cast Greater Embalming.

Ventrue’s Lucky Charms
“Knowledge and the wisdom to use it, is far better than any sword”. Ventrue the illusionist gave his apprentice this piece of advice shortly before his head was chopped off by a warrior who felt differently.
Stats- +1 bonus to saving throws, +3 to Lore



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