Bouch Shield


Duncan’s Shield
The insignia of the Grey Wardens is emblazoned on this shield, which once belonged to Duncan, though he preferred duel wielding. It was found in the Grey Warden cache in Denerim and was given to Alistair as a gift.
Stats- This +5 Bouch gives DR 6, Stamina regeneration 1, and 2 extra damage vs. darkspawn.

Earthheart’s Portable Bulkhead
Deceptively manageable for the benefit granted, this shield somehow grants unassailable physical authority, like a hearth stone wall that makes every battlefield home ground.
Stats- This +1 Bouch gives +1 to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution

Fade Wall
This shield is charged with arcane energy. The user is infused as though otherwordly, but suffers a vague sense of disconnection that is very hard to shake.
Stats- This +3 Bouche gives 20% more to healing, Samina regeneration 1, 2 extra hit points, and 25 extra stamina.

Greagoir’s ShieldSmall
This is probably an heirloom of Greagoir’s family and is quite old, as the image painted on it appears to be Alamarri. The wood is very smooth.
Stats- This +6 Bouche gives 10% fire resistance and 4% spell resistance.
User- Christopher the Templar.

Howe’s Shield
This shield has belonged to the arls of Amaranthine since Calenhad’s time. There are scars in the enamel from Avvar axes, Orlesian swords, and heated debates with the Bannorn. Now you are adding Darkspawn attack to it.
Stats- This +7 Bouche gives 10% Fire and Cold resistance, -2 to Will saves.

King Maric’s Shield
This legendary shield was used to overthrow the Orlesians and bring about Fereldan independence. It was then gifted to the Grey Wardens. Two dogs rampart mark this shield for the house of Theirin, and it bears scars from many battles.
Stats- This +4 Bourche +4 to hit points and +3 to Morale

This is Partha, the Shield of peace. When equipped with the sword Kallak, the character gains a +3 Bonus to stamina regeneration.
Stats- This +5 Bouche is +6 against range attacks, gives +2 to Wisdom, Barrier 15, DR 10, and if the wielder takes no offensive action in that round, there is a 5% that all attacks will miss.

Half-Cask Ward
Royal Hallmarks place this shield at court in the Anderfels, but the quality is hidden by the bending of an old cast. A strange deception, like shouting “you can’t see me!” from behind a boulder.
Stats- This +6 Bouche gives +1 to Strength
User- Tug

The Crafthall’s Wall
At times, House Dace has been close allies of the Smith Caste. Centuries ago, this shield was presented to Seldrek Dave (sic) in gratitude for his unwavering support of the smiths.
Stats- This +3 shield gives guard 10, +4 against range attacks, grants 1% to avoid crits
User- Brogan Dace


Bouch Shield

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