Stomper’s Boots
This pair of extremely sturdy boots were owned by the Thentian explorer Bordel ‘Stomper’ Farpath. Bordel was famed throughout the Moonsea for his hiking contests. Bordel and a group of fellow explorers would specify a location in Faerun to march to. The contestant would then he lost, and he had a reputation for having extremely heavy footsteps. This earned him the nickname ‘Stomper”. When Bordel died in a rockslide, he was buried in the wilderness. Several years after death, rumors began circulating the Bordel’s boots were actually enchanted to make him sound loud when he approached. This rumor spiraled out of control eventually going so far as to say that Bordel’s boots were capable of shaking down houses with their weight. By the time thieves stole the boots ten years after Bordel’s death, they had taken on the properties that so many people believed they possessed.
Stats- Earthquake 1/day

Quit Boots
These well-worn leather boots were frequently used by the thug and part-time kilelr Renny the Fist. Renny, a former escape artist, liked to tell people that all he needed to kill them was a reason and ‘some quite boots”. He would then raise his boot to eye level and say, “I’m already halfway there. Don’t push me”. Renny stopped doing this when a quick-thinking dwarf slammed his war club into the thug’s groin. While Renny writhed on the ground, the dwarf removed the ‘quiet boots’ and quickly left town.
Stats- +7 to Stealth .

Boots of Avoidance: Sense of the Cat
The magic of these boots were specially designed to detect incoming missiles and aid the wearer in avoiding them. They were originally commissioned by the instructions of an archery academy, who was tired of suffering “accidents’ at the hands of his inexperienced students.
Staats- +5 bonus vs. ranged weapons.

Boots of Elvenkind
These soft boots make the wearer move silently as the woodland elves. Thieves love to get their hands on these boots, but elves are reluctant about exporting them, fearful that they may be used for illegal purpose.
Stats- +15 to move silently.

Elven Scout Boots
Several pairs of this type of boot were made for elven battalions during the Year of Singing Arrow, 884 DR. The Scouts were equipped with this stealthy footwear turned the tide of at least two major battles against Sembian mercenaries.
Stats- +2 to Dexterity and +10 move Silently

Boots of Etherealness
Why these boots were ever made has long been the subject of speculation among the sages of Candlekeep. Some suggest that a certain noblewoman was gifted them by an ethereal lover, so that she could join him for a tryst. Others simply pointed out that the boots are useful for any mage to become intangible to attacks while devastating an opponent with offensive magic
Stats- These boots can make the wearer ethereal for 3 rounds 1/day

Boots of Grounding: Talos’ Gift
Untold years ago, The fortress of the Starspire Peninsula was placed under direct tormet of Talos when a favored Stormherald was murdered there. Talos promised the destruction of the city by earthquakes, its isolation by tidal waves, and the deaths of its citizens by storms. One pair of these boots was bestowed to ensure that none but a single man would survive to tell the story of his wrath. Later, travelers seeking fortune in the ruined city came upon an aged man, madden by the continuous destruction around him: the boots he wore would carry to many a distant land the legend of a city consumed by a god’s rage
Stats- 50% resistance to electricity.

Racer’s Boots
these boots have been magically enhanced so that the wearer is able to travel at twice the normal speed. They are much prized by those whose provisioned involves traveling long distances.
stats- You can jog for 3 rounds longer without a needed con check

Chimadrae’s SLippers
Crafted of fine red and black sillk, a soft cotton, and gold filigree, these exquisite slipper could be worth a large sum of money even without their enchantments. The slippers were enchanted by the burglar and wizard Chimandrae of BLack Veils. Chimandrae was legendary throughout the ancient empires of the south. Her powers of trickery, seducation and acrobatics were praised and cursed with equal frequency. She wore these slippers in her home in case unexpected visitor dropped in. Chimandrae mysteriously disappeared in 742 DR, leaving most of her possessions behind in her large Untherian estate.
stats- +5 to dexterity, if upgraded to Chimandrae’s Wardend Slippers it gives immunity to web, entangle and command, and gives spell resistance 2

Shifter’s Boots

An unknown assassin who operated in the Moonsea, Thesk, and the Vast, used tehse boots on many of his missions. His magical footwear made him extremely difficult to capture. Eventually a league of merchants hired a pair of bother wizards, Dashrim and Balkat of Dragon Falls, to stop the assassin before he worked his way through their high council. They ambushed the assassin and dispelled his enchantments. When they pulled back the man’s mask, they found his face had been horribly disfigured in a fire. Strangely, divination revealed nothing about the man’s history or clients. They brothers kept the boots for a few years and eventually sold them. Because they did not know the name of the man they had killed, so they simply called them “Shifter’s Boots”. Eventually it was revealed that the assassin had been harmed by some organization and was seeking revenge.
stats- Blink 1/day, if upgraded to Shifter’s Nimble Boots give the wielder constant effect of freedom of movement.

Wanding Hunter’s Boots
Boots like these are painstakingly crafted for the use of the Wandering Village’s best young hunters. The soft wolf’s fur of the lining is enchanted to silence a hunter’s footfalsl while stalking prey.
stats- +3 to hide and Survival.

Winter Wolf BOots
These boots were supposedly made by a cobbler who found that his store was home to some helpful elves. They both realized that the magic item business was far more profitable than being a coobler the elves made him the magic equiptment to hunt winter wolves to make an entire commercial line of magic boots. They both retired rich.
stats- These boots give +1 to charisma and 1 cold resistance.

Boots of Many Paths.
Created by a gnomish illusionist in 931 DR, the Boots of Many Paths have been worn by a number of adventurers who have sold the items through legitimate means for many, many years. According to their maker, Weldy Baker, the boots rely not on the power of illusion, but the power of ’potential time weave cutting and microscopic change to minutiae in environment that have macroscopic effects”.
Stats- Can cast Blur, Mirror Image, and Haze 1/day

Boots of the Fox
These gaudy red and green boots were worn by the rogue Elpham of Perrywine. Elpham was a pickpocket of exceptional talent who pressed his luck by taunting his victims shortly after taking their loot. After being caught twice, Elpham invested his money in having these boots made. Of course, Elpham came to an untimely end when he picked the pocket of the notoriously ill-tempered Red Wizard of Thay, Xain morobdel. Elpham stole a pouch full of gems off Xain’s waist and danced off into the crowd shouting, “Why don’t you try to chase me back to the Priador, baldy?” Xain, quietly fuming, promptly summoned four invisible stalkers and commanded them to “Kill the idiot in the red and green boots.”
stats- +1 to AC and Defense, increases movement by 40%

Boots of Lighting Speed
These modified boots of speed were intended to boost the wearer’s speed rating to even greater rates than normal boots of speed. They make the wearer as fast as if the haste spell was cast upon someone wearing the boots of speed. Unfortunately the wearer cannot attack an the strain of running around so fast quickly tires out even the most stalwart of heros. There nick-name is “heel of the Coward” for that summarizes their most obvious use: running away
Stats- When used (by clicking your heels) you can run really fast.

Boots of the Forgotten Ones
These wrinkled, rough boots were made from the scalps of dead orc shamans from the Stinking Paw tribe. The power hungry religious leader of the tribe, Algrash Who-Watches-In-Darkness, ordered his underlings to make the boots by digging up the corpses of his predecessors. Algrash was killed when he provoked a fight with a gang of ogres. His boots were left at the scene of the battle.
Stats- For Vatican casters, they get 2 extra 1st level spell slots and 1 extra 2nd level.

Boots of Moander
These patchwork boots of red and black leather were created by cultists of Moander, an ancient god of rot and decay. The boots were used by a number of the Darkbringer’s faithful when they fought against Moander’s numerous foes, many of whom worshipped nature deities. The boots were last claimed by Aldarra of Chauntea, who in turn gave them to a half-elven ranger friend, Liberon Twelvetrees.
Stats- Immunity to Entangle

Boots of Phasing (Cursed)
Whether by mistake or malicious purpose the creator of these boots enchanted them with dangerous magic. When worn the wearer is constantly teleported from an opponent to opponent, until either the wearer or all opponents in sight are slain. However, due to the boots ability to phase the wearer gains a +2 bonus to AC

Boots of Speed: The Paws of the Cheetah
These enchanted boots were once the property of a deadly assassin fond of chasing down his prey. He moved with such speed that his targets didn’t have the opportunity to respond, even on horseback. Over time the assassin’s fame spread, and though he name was never known, all knew to fear the words last heard by his victims: “You can hide but you cannot run!”
Stats: Doubles your movement speed

Boots of Speed
“You can hide, but you cannot run!” This was the calling card of a group of elite assassins, part of a guild formed by an infamous Sword Coast Assassin whose name remains lost. They were all given lesser version of his boots, making it seem like he was not just fast, but also that he could seemingly appear in several places at once
stats- 1/day can double movement speed

Boots of Reflexes
In the dark of Amn, the rich and powerful protect themselves from predations of the Shadow Thieves by constructing elaborate traps throughout their homes. To counter this, the Shadow Thieves created these boots to quicken the reactions of their top assassins and burglars.
Stats- +10 to Reflex saves (If fully upgraded)

Winterbranch Boots
The edges of these near-rotted leather boots still have dead vines and twigs draped from them. These magical boots were fashioned and enchanted by several members of the Hosttower of the Arcane During their berief crusade against various nature worshipers in the Icewind Dale region and possed along to their agents scouting the region. While the boots were known to cause any plant touching them to wither instantly, it also left a noticeable trail through the widls of Icewind dale…a trail that the druids followed in polar bear form and devoured the agents one by one. These boots are all that remain. These boots kill an vegetation they touch, and they cannot be worn by a ranger or druid
stats- Immunity to Entangle, Spell resistance 15 against Druids or Rangers, cast wither upon any plants they stand upon.

Yeti Skin Boots
Stats- Cold Resistance 1

Boot of Hardiness
Having explored the northlands extensively, a druid named Aawill commissioned the creation of these comfortable boots. Knowing he was heading for the sometimes-dangerous domain of the Neverwinter Woods, Aawill was looing for somethime helpful in combat, to lighten his need for armor. Since becoming the Archdruid for the Neverwinter Wood’s Druid Grove, Aawill has commissioned several more powerful version of his original
stats- +3 to AC and Constitution (if Upgraded)

Boots of Stealth “Worn Whispers”
In ages past, a king named Rhigaerd was renown for the spies he kept. So skillful were they, that no nook or cranny escaped their eyes, and maps were held for entire castles and towns. Eventually betrayed from within, the tools of their trade were taken and dispersed, ensuring that none could amass such a band gain
Stats- +10 to move silently, +15 to Hide, +5 to sneak

Shadowed Boots
Upon closer inspection of these boots the fabric seems to be made of some corporeal material. Wearing these boots cause the user to take on an almost shadowed or ghostly appearance. Additionally sound becomes eerily muffled as if heard from a distance.
stats- +1 to AC, +5 to move silently.

Boots of the North “The Frost’s Embrace”
Stranded by his company for a sack of Gold, Daviol the Frozen was left for dead in the midsts of the Great Glacier. His dying curse echoed across the barren wastelands to the ear of Auril, Goddess of Winter. She smiled upon him, and his bare body was protected and preserved by his newly enchanted boots of the north. With them he crossed the ice lands and in pursuit of his would be murderers. Driven by rage, Daviol took his revenge upon his previous friends as they warmed themselves in a tavern of the closest city. After his thirst for blood was quenched, he continued to travel the frozen land, never to be seen again.
Stats- 50% resistance to cold

Boots of the West
These are the boots that were once owned by the famous woodsman, Randy of the West
Stats- +1 to Charisma, Protection form Disease

Gargoyle Boots
Legend holds that the mage who created this magical footwear trapped the spirit of an actual gargoyle within these boots. Unfortunately, they couldn’t protect the nameless wizard from the vengeance of the gargoyle’s mate.
Stats- Stoneskin 2/day (2 skins per use), immune to backstab

Preserving Boots: Dweomer-Friend
These magically-endowed boots are useless on their own, but when worn by a powerful magician they become deadly indeed. The Preserving Boots make the wearer immune to almost all dispelling effects. For example, Khelben’s Warding Whip, the potent breach, the all seeing True Sight, and the Inquisitor’s Divine Dispelling all slide harmlessly around enchantments that protect the mage’s person. Magically created weapons carried by the mage (like Mel’s Minute Meteors) may still be dispelled normally. Note that even friendly attempts to dispel sorceries on the mage are deflected, so the wearer is advised to avoid Charm and Confusion. In addition, the wearer is immune to backstab
Stats- Immune to Dispelling and Backstab

Swashbuckler Boots
The life of a swashbuckler is full of bravery, grand adventure, and epic fencing duels. Asdide from being remarkably comfortable, these swashbuckling boots allow you to dodge your opponent’s strikes with greater flair
stats- Grants dodge

Nasher’s Nimble Boots
These boots have a large “N” carved into their heel, marking them as the property of Lord Nasher. The story of how he came to lose these have never been told to anyone other than belonged to Lord Nasher…if worn together their magic grants the wearer additional benefits.
Stats- 3 to Dex,7 if in the set

Boots of Tumbling
Made for members of a militant order of Lliira-worshipers known as the “Scarlet Mummers,” these boots aid those deadly dancers in their acrobatic assassinations of the agents of the Maiden of Pain
stats- +4 to tumble, if upgraded becomes +8, if upgraded again becomes +12

Gargoyle Boots
Legend holds that the mage who created the Gargolye Boots trapped the spirit of an actual gargoyle within them. Unfortunately, the boots couldn’t protect the nameless wizards from the vengeance of the gargotyles’ mate. As there are multiple variations of the Gargoyle Boots, it is assumed that the tale is, though entertaining, a mere fabrication-an interesting way to explain the magical toughness that the boots provide.
Stats- +2 to AC, +3 to Fortitude saves, Stoneskin 1/day

Dread Pirate’s Calfskin Boots
There be two types o’ pirates in the world. Noble Pivateers grow up to be Pirate Kings while nefarious Buccaneers stake their fame and fortune on becoming Dread Pirates. These fine calfskin boots to be one that once belonged to the latter
stats- +2 Dodge against humans, bonus feat Finesse

Dragon Slippers
Feryl Dragonhunter was a monster of a man who, with four kills to his credit, thought he had perfected the art of dragon slaying. He aided his efforts by creating magical equipment from his previous victories, including several different boots he mocking called his Dragon Slippers Amazingly, Feryl was not defeated by his perferred enemy, but was surprised by a small band of goblins on his way back from a hunt.
Stats- +2 to Dexterity, Spell Resistance 10, Immunity to Fear and Knockdown

Boots of the Sun Soul
The original version of these boots were said to be worn by the wise wanderer, Teki Jin, of Kara-Tur. As he traveled and grew in strength, Teki was joined by students who would follow in his path. When a student left to travel their own path, Teki would pass his old boots to his student, to remind them that every path under the sun should be walked in the wisdom of the past. After his death, many copies of his boots would show up in stores, each supposedly handed down from Teki to a student. Even if these copies are nothing more than lever forgeries, they do seem to assist the wearer in avoiding enemy attacks.
Stats- +5 to dodge, and +3 to Dex, Monk only

Boots of the Winterland
A common magic items among adventurers traveler and monsters of the frozen North alike, these thick furry boots have bene enchanted to magically warm the wearer in cold weather
stats- Endure elements constant for cold.
Boots of the Sahuagin
The boots were obviously made for surface dwellers and not the sea devils for which they are named. They fit snugly and are made from a water-resistance material, making them popular with sailors and fisherman.
Stats- +1 to Fortitude and +2 to Swim

Boots of the Calming Wave
The order of the Calming Wave was founded by a group of pirates after a particiuarly fierce storm . The ship’s cleric decreed that the Captain had angered Umberlee had brought the storm upon them, but Valkur had looked favorably upon them and saw fit to protect them from her wrath. Forsaking their old ways, the former pirates devoted themselves to Valkur’s service and the spreading of his gospel by land and sea, and these boots were commissioned for their first voyage.
Stats- +3 to Dodge, monk only

Boots of the Shifting Sands
The most infamous halfling bard in Faerun, Stompin Con Tommers, claimed that entire tribes of goblins would quiver in fear when they heard he was coming. Strangely enough, the boast of this halfling might have had some basis in truth, as the magical boots he wore really could cause earthquakes. He claimed to have pilfered the boots from an extra-planar bard whose voice could destroy entire cities. Con’s career was cut short when he miscalculated a leap over a gorge he created and the earth swallowed him.
Stats- Haste constantly, -1 to Dexterity, Earthquake 1/day

Boots of Striding
Blessed by priests of Shaundakul the Windrider, these boots seem to make even the most arduous journey easier and more pleasant. This is accomplished not by increasing the wearer’s speed, but by making him hardier and more resistant to pain. Numerous version of these boots exist, their power varying largely in accordance with the priest who blessed them.
Stats- +10 to con, if full upgraded.



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