The Book of Leaves (not that one)
The covers of this heavy book are made of bark, and the pages are made of pressed leaves. It is not clear what is holding this book together, for you see no bindings and no glue along the spine. when this book is held in the hand of a druid and the druid is touching solid ground, a sheath of bark will sprout from the earth and cover the wielder, making his skin as tough as the skin of a great tree.
stats- 1/day you can cast Barkskin and Shambler .

Book of the Deservering
This great book details the dogma of Tempus, the Lord of Battles. Inscribed within are the tenet of the order: "
“Tempus does not win battles-Tempus helps the deserving win battles. War is fair in that it oppresses all sides equally that in any given battles, a mortal may be slain to become a great leader among his or her companions. War should not be feared, but seen as a natural force, a human force, the storm that civilization brings by its existence”. This book gains power when the passages within are read aloud by a priest of Tempus, and it allows the priest to call upon his inner strength and use it in the name of war.
stats- Bless 1/day

Heart of Winder
The Heart of Winder is often confused with the legendary Heartstone Gem, a powerful crying artifact that serves as the heart of the great tree community of Kuldahar. The Heart of Winter is not an object, but an expression frequently used by the Uthgart tribes of the north to refer to a warrior or creature that has rid itself of all except on driving focus- usually revenge of hatred. The expression is often used to describe the barbarian lord Wylfdene, who returned to lead the barbarian tribes in a campaign against the Ten-Towns in the Yea of the Cold Soul (1281 Dale Reckoning). According to legend, Wylfden claimed to be the reincarnation of the shaman Jerrod, one of the barbarians greatest heroes and the one who sacrificed himself in the final battle against the archmage Arakon many hundreds of years ago. Claiming that his body had become home to Jerrod’s spirit, Wylfdene rallied the tribes of the North to war to retake the lands that he claimed have been seized by the southerners of the Ten-Towns. Establishing a great war camp in Bremen’s Run, a narrow canyon under the shadow of Kelvin’s Cairn, he found several quick battles against the dwarves and townfolk of the region until a small band of adventurers arrived in the town of Lonelywood to try to carve out a peace between the Ten-Town and the barbarians. Their efforts at diplomacy. are said to ahve failed, but they succeded in defeating Wylfdene and saving the Ten-Towns from destruction. It is believed that these adventurers are the only reason the Ten-Towns exist (and thrive) to this day. What happened to these brave adventurers is unknown. The last known record of them is a sighting of them at the Whistling Gallows Inn in Lonelywood, where they spoke with a halfling traveler who claimed to know a place where great riches could be found. Shortly after this, the adventurers and the halfling vanished and were never heard from again. Spoiler alert, they won that adventure, but all died fighting in the Nine Hells against their old enemy. After reading the closing chapters of the book above, you notice that the top letter in each of the chapters weave together to form a peculiar summoning spell. When a passage is recited from the book, it allows readers to inflict the curse of the Heart of Winter upon foes, blinding them with its power or even freezing them where they stand.
stats- 3/day you can cast Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere and Blindness

How to be an Adventurer (2nd Ed.)
This ludicrously huge and heavy book- more a compilation of volumes into a single binding than anything else- claims to be an extensive manual on the “fine art of adventuring”. Its many chapters include:
-Henchmen: Loyal Companions or Seedy Pack-Mules
-Making your Kite Work for you
-101 uses for your 10 pole (the SFW version)
-Catapults: Yes, thats as Far as it shoots
-Getting the most out of your Party’s Thief
-Today’s Tinderbox:Its not just for lighting torches anymore
-Dungeons to tackle:
Sinky Pieter’s HIlls o’Poorly Guarded Gold
The Caves of SOundly sleeping Monsters
Archmage Loose-Bowels" Wozley the Milkshop’s Enchanted item warehouse.
The Wooden Citadel of Darmons the Old and Crippled
Uncle Fralin’s Tool Shed
….and more

Dungeons to Avoid like Crotch-Rot
-The Iron Fortress of BLodax, Devourer of Souls
-Dominara the Erinyes Nine-Layered BRothel of Violent Emasculation (No Slaking or Slating allowed)
-The Crimson Hell-Pit of One BIllion Miserable Death
-Uncle Fralin’s Bedroom

Prayer to the Overgod
This immense book explains the history of AO and the attempts at its preisthood to contact him . It is a long, dry, and strange record, and since AO has never responded, it is surprising how positive the scribes have remained. In the hope of getting AO’s attention, it has been enchanted to cast several spells.
Stats: Light at will, Prayer 3/day

Old tom’s Trinket
Old Tom gave you this small protective bracelet when you first arrive on the Isle of the Dead. It appears to be some sort of lucky charm.
Stats: Sanctuary 1/day

Copper Braclet
Copper Braclet such as these are thoguht to have some medicinal qualities. The yare most commonly through to improve one’s overall health by curing minor alments.
Stats- 4 extra hit points.

Ointment of Stone to Flesh
This jar contains an ointment to turn stone to flesh, but only on a creature that was once flesh already
stats: stone to flesh 1/day

Prism of Negativity
Negative Energy has been stored within this glass rod. If yo utilt it into the light, you can release the energy as a ray
stats: 1/day Negative Energy Ray

Mage Electrifier
Spectorial was a sorcerer who grew tired of having to return to his tower and spend months recharnging his favorite wand. The orb he constructed can be focused on an item to break it down into energy, destroying the targeted object. This works best with higher quality and enchanted items. Once the orb has enough power, it can then target the item needed to be recharged and infuse it with the stolen energy.
Stats- See above

“…the Priesthod of Vix’thra shall make its home above, both in the world and the world, that it might lure more believers to the divine light. But below shall dwell the Elder, those who serve Vix’thra for all eternity, neither in the world nor of it, for they shall be undying. To them shall sacrifice be made in blood. To Vix’thra shall it be made in bone
stats- Bestow Curse 1/day

Stowaway Charm
You found a Stowaway. Sadly it doesn’t look like this one survived the crossing. However within you are able to find a charm
Ray of Enfeeblement 1/day

Book of Infinite Spells
This ancient tome creaks as you open it. Each page of the Book of Infinite spells contains a spell described in layman’s terms, easy enough for a thief, cleric, or even a fighter to understand and cast it. Each spell on a page can be cast once per day. A second function of the book is to turn to a different page, this allows the possibility of getting a better spell. However once the page has been turned the previous spell is lost until the next day.
Stats- Can Cast True Seeing, Wyvern Call, Spell Turning, Stinking Cloud, Protection from Evil, Lightning Bolt, Invisibility, Fireball, Farsight, and Burning Hands 1/day

Manual of Bodily Health, Manual of Gainful Exercise, Manual of Quickness of Action, Tome of Understanding, Tome of Clear Thought, Tome of Leadership and Influence
These books each will give a single point to Constitution, Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, Intelligence, and Charisma.

Weight: 2
This black-bound tome seems to radiate a slight rotting smell, and the covers are unpleasant to the touch – like uncured human flesh left out in the sun. Rusted buckles on the cover seal it against the elements.
It is the Grimoire of Pestilential Thought, an arcane tome created ages ago for purposes unknown, the purpose of which is to teach mortals the nature of evil. Some sages warn against its use, while others urge it. It is said to grant mighty magical powers when services are performed for it.
Uses- If you commit three evil deeds while holding this book, you will get a to cast Blindness, Adder’s Kiss, and Power Word Kill as an innate magical ability. Once you cast them, you can’t use it again until you commit another evil deed. You can’t have more than three spells at a time.



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