Bombs flowers (zelda)


These bombs are actually a plant which is very explosive and can be harvested to create a fairly harmless explosive.

Basic bomb

This is the normal bomb, this does 1 D10 damage, it takes three rounds before it explodes.
Can carry 100 of these motherfuckers

Greater Bomb Twilight Princess bomb
Deal 1D12 damage. You can only carry 10

Super Bomb

Deals 1D20 Damage, and takes 5 rounds before exploding. You can only carry one.

Tingle bomb
Deals 1D6 damage, explodes on impact

Big Bomb
Impossible to carry around, it deals 1D100 damage to everyone in a 50 foot radius

Remote Bomb
Deals 1D8 but explodes when you press a button, Skyward sword bombs

Bomb Arrows
its an arrow…with a bomb of it, it deals 1D10 damage.

Water Bombs
These explode underwater, deals 1D10 damage.

These are bombs on legs, they move in a random direction and then explode after gong 30 feet

These bombs move as you wish them two, including up walls, they explode after 30 feet.

Powder Keg
You can only carry one, takes ten rounds till it explodes. Deals 5D20 Damage


Bombs flowers (zelda)

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