Sail Burners
Requiring little skill to fire and doing great damage to ship and sail alike, so-called ‘Sail Burner’ bolts are a popular starting point for those with piratical intend
Stats- These +1 bolts deal 1D4 fire damage.

Bolt of Sekolahs Fire
This long metal tube is fitted with a plunger at one end. The tube is filled with a viscous jelly-like substance that reeks of fish. When placed in a crossbow and fired, the plunger ejects the contents of a 40’ long stream. Upon contract with air, the jelly ignites leaving a trail of flames as it flies towards a target. Any target struck is coated by the jelly and then begins to burn as well. These bolts are favored weapon of high rankings sahaugin.
Stats- This +4 bolts deal 3d6 fire damage for three rounds after the hit.

Tranquil Bolt
Thse crossbow bolt are easy for magic shcolars to recgonize beacause of their purpose and their colorful decoration. The infamous Band of the Key was a group of occultist fighters who dedicated themsevles to taking evil magical texts out of the hands of those who would use them to cause harm. The Band favoured using crossbow over bows for their ability to remain cocked and readily for long periods of time. The leaders of the Band, a thin, mustached man named eglyf, enlisted some Denerian priests to craft these special bolts in large qualities. They can beasiy recognized by their distinctive yellow and green fletching.
Stats- These +1 bolts hit silent in a thirty wide area where ever it hits.

Teleportation Bolt
Visgove was known as an incredibly lazy adventurer, so it was not surprising when he announced that he had developed a new type of crossbow bolt that would bring his enemies within reach of his enormous great axe. “Why charge across the battlefield when you can simply the whole process” quipped Visgove when asked why he spent such an enormous sum of gold developing the bolt.
Stats- This +1 bolt lets you teleport to that location where it shot.



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