Dragon’s Belt
A barbarian tribesman by the name of Edhan asked his shaman to enchant this belt for him. Edhan risked his life hunting for young white dragons in the tundra north of Icewind Dale. Though the risk was extreme, the foolhardy barbarian was wealthy beyond what most tribesman can dream of. As he aged, Edhan lost his edge. The belt helped protect him in his later years. Eventually, an old barbarian of fifty-six winters, Edhan fell victims to a pair of young whites. Barbarian from the Tribe of the Great Wyrm eventaully recovered the warrior’s body, but chose not to inter his body. They traded his belt away with the rest of his equipment. The front of the belt features a broad white dragon’s chest scale. Leather lined with polar bear fur makes up the rest of the belt.
stats: +3 to Reflex saves, if upgraded to teh Warded Dragon’s Belt gives 6 cold resistance.

Bone Marrow Belt
This belt made of bone has an ugly color that is similar to what bone marrow looks like. The belt itself adjusts to fit around the wearer’s waist and imbues a magical sickly look on its user. The magics in the belt protect its wearer from slashing damage but make him a little more vulnerable to blunt damage.
Stats: +1 to AC, -2 to Charisma, 50% Slashing Resistance, extra 1D8 damage from blunt

Archer’s Belt
Having felt the sting of Sundabar’s archers in too many raids, the orcs from the spine of the world were thrilled when King Obould Many-Arrows suggests that his shamans should create a belt to protect the most worthy and cunning warriors of the tribe. The contests to decide who gets each belt are now considered the highest form of entertainment in orc society
stats: Damage Resistance Piercing (in regard to arrows) 5, upgraded becomes 20

Belcher’s Belt
This belt was taken from Sir Becket’s home, by the wererat, Trip. The belt appears to strengthen the wearer’s upper body and make the wearer harden to hit, but its fight is so tight, the wearer is often short of breath
stats- -1 Con, +2 to AC, Strength +2

Belt of Stones
This cursed item was created by the wicked sorcerer Valom of the Deep. Valom often hired lone mercenaries to collect magic items components for him. When the unlucky sellsword came on board Valom’s floating laboratory, the Dim Courser, Valom would give them the girdle as a reward for a job well done. Once the victim would try on the girdle, Valom would kick them over the side of the boat where they would quickly drown. Valom’s luck ran out when he kicked Herred of Procampur into the Sea of Fallen Stars . Herred had a potion of water breathing and a Helm of Underwater Action with him at the time. When the huge, seaweed-covered form of Herred emerged near the docks where Valom was resting, a local priest of Tyr immediately came to his aid. Upon discovering what Valom had done, the priest of Tyr and three paladins attempted to capture him. Valom killed two of the paladins, but died in the battle. It is believed that the belt was later sold to a traveling collector who specialized in cursed clothing.
Stats- Wearer’s Strength drops to 6, floats to the surface of water if attached to corpse.

Belt of Agility
Attempting to form an anti-thieves’ guild, Ronger Delphos, a successful merchant, paid thieves to become security experts, to guard merchants in Waterdeep. The guards were trained to use wands with the Hold Person spell, to capture the thieves for interrogation. To counteract this security measure, magical belts were purchased by the thieves’ guild, which nullified the effects of such spells. In the escalating war between the two guilds, many of these belts found their ways into pawnshops and equipment stores
stats- This belt grants +10 to Dexterity and Freedom

Belt of the Internal Barrier
When worn, this belt creates a dense curtain of air around the wearer. The curtain, or barrier, provides superior protection against breath attacks as well as magic. By the scorch marks against the worn leather, it is obvious that this belt has been worn at least once against a dragon
Stats- 25% resistance to Missile damage, 50% DR to Magic, +5 save vs. breath weapons

Pirates Belt
Hoisure the Prudent was a cunning pirate who sought every advantage he could for his men. He commissioned a number of these belts at great expense, and with his men so equipped quickly took control of great tracts of tracts of coastline. Although he ruled with remarkable restraint and wisdom for many years, eventually his enemies gained the upper hand, and he remains a villain in the eyes of history
stats- +1 to AC, Bludgeoning and slashing resistance 5, and Piercing damage 25% weakness

Little Giant

Belt of Lions
This leather belt grants its wearer excellent night vision and greater influence over animals. Acquiring the lion’s feline grace, the wearer also gains a bonus to move silently, and tumble checks. Druids and rangers of the Weadlath and the Forest of Mir have adopted such belts both for their practical applications as well their symbolic association with the highly regarded lions of the area.
Stats- +4 to Animal empathy, Move Silently +10, and Tumble +10
Belt of the Performer
stats- Charisma +5, Perform +4, Persuade +4

Brawler’s Belt
The Dark Moon sect has a reputation for hardiness in the hand-to-hand combat challenges they hold annually. Unbeknownst to the other monastic orders, the Dark Moon sect has developed this belt which gives their champions an unfair advantage over their unenhanced brethren.
Stats- Bludgeoning Resist 5, if upgraded, 20

Kossuth’s Belt of Priestly Might
These items first appear in Halruaa at the end of the Time of Troubles, which the wizards took as a sign that Mystra had returned. The belt of priestly might grants its wearer protection from damage and increased strength. This particular belt is inscribed with the holy symbol of Kossuth, god of the forge.
Stats- +2 to AC, +3 to Strength, Neutral Only

Kossuth’s Belt of Priestly Might and Warding
These items first appeared in Halruaa at the end of the Time of Troubles, which the wizards took as a sign that Mystra had returned. The Belt of priestly might and warding grants its wearer protection form attack and increased strength, and further allows them to create a magic circle against any alignment once per day. This particular belt is inscribed with the holy symbol of Kossuth.
Stats- +2 to AC, +4 to Strength, Magic Circle against any Alignment 1/day

Miner’s Belt
Belts are worn about the midscetion, but do not add to the protection given by basic armor unless infused with magic. This one was in order to give miners on the Outer Planes a better chance of staying alive.
Stats- +1 to Con, +1 to fortitude, emits light at will.

Monk’s Belt
This simple rope belt, when wrapped around a person’s waist, confers increased ability in unarmed combat. The Lady’s Hand Monastery in the Nether Mountains has recently taken to equipping all of their members with this item. Though not nearly as powerful as some of the Netherese weaponry they are rumored to possess, their recent clashes with the Morueme clan of blue dragon has forced the monastery to rely on lesser resources.
Stats- Improved Critical (unarmed Strike) and weapon Specialization (unarmed strike) granted, Haste 1/day

Mystran Belt of Priestly Might
These items were created to honor Mystra’s return to the world after the Time of Troubles, specifically her newest incarnation.
Stats- +2 to AC and +4 to Strength, if upgraded magic circle against evil 1/day

Sash of Searing
Recognizable by their golden clasp in the shape of a risen sun, these powerful sashes originated in the scorched desert hells of the Abyss. There, Azer pit slaves are forced to melt the endless seas of sand into glass for their demonic masters. The sheets of red-black glass are then shattered and the jagged shards gathered for use as spear- and the arrowheads in the Blood War.
Stats- 90% fire damage Immunity, 90% Cold Vulnerability, +7 vs. saving throws against fire, 2/day Delayed Blast Fireball, Dragon Breath Fire 3/day, Hellball 1/day, Fire Storm 4/day, Flame Strike 4/day, Incendiary Cloud 5/day, Inferno 5/day, Sunburst 5/day

Lathar’s Last Belt
Lathar was a wizard of little renown who thought himself worthy to test a powerful archmage in a magical duel. Knowing his rival’s penchant for death magic, Lathar crafted this special belt to grant himself immunity against such wizardry. The day of the duel came and the two wizards squared off against each other. The archmage flung nasty fingers of death and invoked powerful power word kills left and right and all the while Lathar laughed. ’Do your worst!” Lathar said, mocking his rival. The Archmage frowned. Then with a clever smile he snapped his fingers and summoned forth a dire bear which promptly swallowed poor Lathar in just one bite.
Stats- Immunity to Finger of Death and Power Word Kill.

Calian Belt
Calian Fervent was an aging adventurer who could never seem to keep up with adventuring groups. Taking his life savings, he invested in the creation of this magical belt, which allowed him to keep up when it really mattered. One day he got into a fight with one of his other party members and when Calian activated the ahste on his belt, his heart gave out.
Stats- DR/5, Haste 1/day

Cermonial Uthghardt Belt
In an attempt to keep the thriving Uthgardt clans under control, a long-forgotten gathering of druids inflicted them with a virulent pox. This disease sono spread out of control, and far from curbing their numbers actually threatened their extinction. To maintain the balance, these same druids created a number of these ceremonial belts to ensure the survival of the clan’s leaders. Ultimately the Uthgardt survived the plague, though the incident did not improve their opinions of outsiders.
Stats- Immunity to Death Magic and Disease, +5 to fortitude saves

Dread Prate’s Bandolier
There be two types of o’pirates in the world. Noble privateers grow up to be Pirate Kings while nefarious Buccaneers stake their fame and fortune on becoming Dread Pirates. This bandolier be one that once belonged to the latter.
Stats- Improved Evasion.

Encircling Scale
A required item for all students of the Encircling Scale, a thieves’ guild with many enemies, belts such as this was practical, if not particularly fashionable. A popular tale among the ranks has the vainglorious spouse of the guild leader falling to poison because she refused to wear one, although member of more sinister intent are inclined to blame her rich inheritance as the cause of her downfall.
Stats- Immunity Poison, Poison times per day.

Belt of Bones
This grim item was fashioned by priests of Myrkul, god of the dead. The heavy leather belt is set with metal plates and hoops that hold humans bones. The original owner was a deadly warrior named Proud Keth. Keth rode across battlefields without fear, smashing whoever got in his way. On those rare occasional when he was surrounded, the belt came in handy. Unfortunately for Keth, his opponents eventually deided to take him down using polearms and long spears. When he was killed, his belt was buried with him. It was only a matter of time before thieves came to Keth’s grave in order to loot it. One of the thieves sold Keth’s belt to a piratical mage from urmlaspyr. The wizard, Isanan by name, found the belt to be very useful during his travels. When he retired, he sold the belt to a grateful priest of Myrkul named Ben-Karad. Ben-Karad is believed to have been killed somewhere in the sewers of waterdeep.
Stats: Circle of bones and Animate Dead 1/day

Girdle of Holy Might
A group of these girdles was originally created for the Sword Coast Legion, a league of clerics who fought the orc multitudes in the Year of the Black Horde, 1235 DR
stats- One extra Cleric spells 5, 6, 7

Girdle of Bluntness: “destroyer of the Hills”
Having lost friends and loved ones to a series of raids by hill giants, Garrar The Powerufl made it his mission to cleanse his homeland of their presence. It is not known where he acquired this item, but with he sing handedly dispatched dozens of the creatures, all the while protected from the blow of their clubs. The remaining giants fled to the neighboring lands, lands that lacked a similar champion and did not far as well.
Stats- This counts as a +4 bonus to AC against blunt damage

Girdle of Stromnos
The enchanter Presdon of the Vast created this girdle several hundred years ago for his bodyguard, Dendes the Wry. He named the broad belt after a hill giant who had almost killed him when he was looking for spell components. Dendes died defending Presdon from rival mages near Ordulin
stats- Raises the user’s Strength to 19

Girdle of Labelas
A remnant from the holy shrine of Star mausoleum in Myth Glaurach, this girdle was blessed by the avatar of Labelas Enoreth, elven god of time and longevity. The high priest of Labelas typically wore the girdle in day-to-day activities as well as battle. Made of alternating bands of bronze and gold, the fine belt was a prize even without its magical properties. When orcs sacked Myth Glaurach, this girdle was one of the most prominent items stolen.
Stats- Free Action and Haste 1/day

Girdle of Gond
Gond, god of invention and artifice, is a deity rarely worshippped by traditional adventurers. Some thieves, however, revere Gond for his role in the development of locks, traps, and other complex machines. One such thief was the burglar Jurmar the Calm, who began his career as a locksmith. Known for his cool demeanor and steady hand, Jurmar paid priests of Gond to fashion this tool belt for him. Whenever Jurmar was stuck in a situation where he didn’t have the right tool for a job, one of the small pouches on the belt would supply him with what he needed. Woswald has managed to add even more tools for the belt, further enhancing its usefulness.
Stats: +10 to Open locks and +5 to Find/Remove stats. Let you store 5 items magically. If upgraded goes up to 15 and +10, and lets you store 8 items.

Girdle of Beatification
Priests of Helm in Berdusk consecrated this belt and gave it to the warrior Thom Waingwright, who had performed a number of great services for the church, including the destruction of the Unseeing Eye and the cult that followed him, the Blinded Acolytes. Thom worn the girdle proudly until he fell into severe debt in his later years. To his undying regret, he auctioned it off to a well-known priest of Mask.
Stats- Constant Bless when equipped, +5 to Mediate

Girdle of Fire Giant Strength
This belt is actually the woven hair from a fire giant’s beard. When worn the belt greatly increases the wearer’s strength.
Stats- Strength is set to 22

Belt of Cloud Giant Strength
This wide belt is made of thick leather and studded with iron. It grants the wearer the strength of a giant and the ability to make devastating melee attacks.
Stats- +8 to Strength

Girdle of Fortitude
This girdle greatly increases the wearer’s constitution. King Violos used it when leading an expedition against marsh trolls. He’d been severely sickened in the past winter and was no longer the healthy man he once was. The belt gave extra years to his life and inspired his men to renew their confidence in their king once more.
Stats- 1/day can set Con to 18 for 8 hours.

Girdle of Frost Giant Strength
This belt is actually woven hair from a frost giant’s beard, much to his annoyances. When worn the belt greatly increases the wearer’s strength making them as strong as a frost giant
Stats- Strength is set to 21

Girdle of Hill Giant strength
This plain belt makes the wearer as strong as a hill giant, but does not make him or her giant size. Many a cocky warrior has been surprised by a much smaller opponent with remarkable strength. More often than not a belt such as this is the reason
Stats- Strength set to 19

Belt of Guiding Light
Lost and alone in the gloomy wilderness of the underdark, Polt Henrikson prayed for guidance from his venerated deity, Savras. His pleas did not go unheard and Polt felt a weight around his waist that he soon discovered was a belt. When he touched it, the belt began to glow and suddenly Polt felt a confidence he had never known before. When he emerged from the underdark, Polt went on to leave a revival amongst the worshipers of Savras.
Stats- Emits blue light 10 feet +2 to Lore, if upgraded immunity to Death Magic, if upgraded again gives a +4 to Listen, Lore, Search, and Spot

Girdle of Ogre Blood
Caldinar the Wily was a wizard of keen wits. Suspicious by nature, Caldinar manufactured a number of protective devices to come to his aid in an emergency. This broad belt is made of tanned ogre hide and features five glasses lozenges filled with black ogre blood. Caldinar used the belt frequently in his adventures. When he died, his pratical comrades sold the belt in an auction.
Stats- Wearer regenerates 1 hitpoint every 5 rounds, and can summon 5 ogres 1/day

Swordsman’s belt
To honor those warriors who accomplish great deeds within the ranks of the Purple Dragon Knights, King Azoun IV had the Royal Magician Vangerdahast create these belt. His daughter, Alusiar, now continues that tradition, occasionally offering into joining the ranks of the Purple Dragons
stats- Slashing Resist 5, if upgraded 20

Arcs of Disredain
Disredain was an eccentric wizard who became enthralled with the manipulation of electricity. IN addition to the wands he created, Disredain made a number of experimental magic items during a fifteen-years period of frenzied research. This belt was one of the items he did not think highly of. Consiting of large, crescent-shaped slices of mottled copper sitting back to back, the belt is quite thick and unique in apperance. A cleric of Talos named Ylkath wore the Arcs for three decades before he died of old age. His copmanion, the Umberlant priestess Ashalla of the Jade Tide, kept the belt for barely three years before she was shot dead by pirates that survived one of her nautical attacks. The pirates sold the belt to a fence. Its history past that point is unknown.
stats- Electric Resistance 1, 1/day can cast Gedlee’s Eletrical Loop. If upgraded it becomes 2 Electrical Resistance, and can also cast Lightning Bolt 1/day

Mercykiller’s Belt
THis belt is broad and thick, crafted from some otherwordly creature’s hide and bound with strips of burnished copper. Gleaming eerily from the center of the belt is a circular piece of polish green and cream malachite. The emblem shows, in bas-relief, a fanged, winged serpent with its open mouth facing outward. Small, thick copper loops run between the thick hide and stone emblem to hold it in place. Two thick steel buckles hold the belt together at the back of the wearer. Investigation reveals that this belt was made four hundred years ago for Factor Dom, a warden for the outer-planar Mercykillers faction. Known throughout the planes for their vicious definition and application of justice, the Meryckillers are strongest in planar cities like Sigil, the City of Doors. Dom was a warden of the Prison, Sigil’s dumping ground for criminals. He became legendary within the organization after his involvement in the Great BReak. member of the rebellious Free League engineered the only mass escape from the Prison in its history. Over one hundred prisoners managed to get out of the Prison and escape the Lady’s Ward, though hundreds more were turned back to their cells or died in their escape. Dom was stripped of his factor in the Mercykillers for failing to stop the revolt. IN addition, he spent five years in the Prison himself. When he was set free, he set out in a thirty-year quest to bring every escaped criminal to justice. By the time Domn had captured, killed or verified as dead eighty of the one hundred criminals, the remaining twenty banded together to evade him. When Dom reached the age of sixty-seven, he had this belt made for him to augment his failing strength. Three years later, he finally captured the last of the prisoners and brought them, kicking and screaming, all the way back to the cell from which they had escaped thirty years earlier. Dom reported to the current warden, filled out the appropriate paperwork, and fell dead from exhaustion within the hour.
stats: +2 to Strength
user: Vhalior

Draon’s Belt
A barbarian tribesman by the name of Edhan hasked his shaman to enchant this belt for him. Edhan risked his life hunting for young white dragons in the tundrea north of Icewind Dale. Though the risk was extreme, the foolhardy barbarian was wealthy beyond what most tribsemen can dream of. As he aged, Edhan lost his edge. The belt helped protect him in his later years. Eventually, an old babarian of fifty-six winters, Edhan fell victims to a pair of young whites. Barbarians from the Tribe of the Great Wyrm eventually recovered the warrior’s body but chose not to inter his body . They traded his belt away with the rest of his equiptment. The Front of the belt features a broad white dragon’s chest scale. Leather lined with polar bear fur makes up the rest of the belt.
stats- +3 to Reflex saves

Dwarven Ogre
A masterwork any tailor would be proud of the Dwarven Ogre is a thick leather belt with a fringe of red dwarven hair and hill giant hair woven together to grant the wearer great strength. Fashioned by the dwarven giant slayer, the LIttle Giant Hohn Burninghair, the buckle of this belt is actually the petrified eye of a firebolg shaman. That Hohn fought during his travels. In incorporating the eye into the belt, however, some of the essence of the shaman was transferred along with it, including the northern flue it had when Burninghair laid it low. As a result, any creature attempting to focus on the wearer will find tears springing to their eyes, clouding their vision and find their head begin to become stuffy and cold. For some reason, this enchantment seems to interfere with the perceptions of dead creatures and constructs as well, but the reason for this is unknown. Hohn lost this belt when he was attempting to wade across a stream in pursuit of a fleeing verbeeg giant who made off with one of his ponies. The belt was washed downstream and eventaully ended up in the hands of a simple trapper, who traded the ugly thing to a wandering tinker. This belt grants the wearer tremendous strength and also blurs the vision of anyone looking at the wearer. Due to the tears it causes in the eyes of anyone looking at it, any warrior wearer one of these items is often told to take it off by their companions. When the belt wearer threatens to rip a tree out of the ground and club the requester for asking, however, the matter is usually dropped.
stats: +6 to Strength, Blur constantly.

LIttle Giant
This belt of woven hair is a curious belt, and it is woven from a mix of red dwarven hair and verbeeg giant hair. It was originally worn as a substitute by the “little Giant” Hohn Burninghair, an ill-tempered dwarf who swore to kill a hundred giants after several raids by greedy verbeeg wiped out much of his caravan trade from Upper Dorn’s Deep. Soon after his proclamation, the LIttle Giant went in search of Verbeeg camps, fighting them one after the other, until he came across the Temple of the Forgotten God in the mountains bordering Kuldahar. It was said he was brought into the Temple, and rather than risk more bloodshed, the priests agreed to reign in the verbeeg patrols from around Dorn’s Deep and made reparation for the stolen goods. Somewhat mollified, Burninghair left his woven belt in the hands of the Temple and swore peace with the verbeeg provided they kept their end of the bargain. When the Temple was ransacked many years later, the strange belt was carried off by the attackers and lost in the North. The Little Giant belts grants the wearer tremendous strength, most likely as a side effect of the giant hair woven into the belt and the great anger that ran deep in Burninghair’s heart. It is said that Burninghar’s original belt that predated the Little Giant was much more powerful, but he lost it while pursuig a fleeing verbeeg across a river- apparently, the verbeeg was attempting to carry off one of the Burninghair’s ponies. Furious over the loss of his original belt, Burninghair simply added its loss to the list of crimes the verbeeg would pay for
stats- +4 to Strength

Sash of Hidden Shadows
Sashas of shadows are known to have been worn by stalkers in the service of Kresselack the Black Wolf. These stalkers have been tasked to find Kresselack a final resting place, far from prying eyes, where he might die in peace. When the stalkers had succeeded, they and the sashes they wore joined him in his tomb within the Vale of Shadows. When Kresselack’s Tomb was plundered by a southern adventuring company many years past (and he totally deserved it), the sashes were carried out of the tomb and distributed throughout the North. This sash, however, is different than the others, and it seems to have carried the essence of the Vale of Shadows with it as it left Kresselack’s Tomb. When this sash is tied about the waist, it vanishes completely, and the wearer vanishes from the sight of any creature attempting to scry his movements or detect his locations. Furthermore, as long as the sash is worn, shadows seem to embrace the character, giving him added abilities to hide in shadows and causing spells that hold or confine to simply slide off his body like rain.
stats- +3 to Stealth, Constant Non Detection and Freedom of Movement

Sash of the Black Raven
The Sash of the Black Raven is rumored to be a symbol of one of the disciples of the Black Raven Monastery, a sanctuary located deep within the heart of the Spine of the World mountains. According to legend, the Black Raven is a near mythical figure in Uthgardt legends, a punishing spirit from the underworld who emerged on the surface world many years ago to teach the barbarians humility and break their arrogance. Described as a dark-skinned man with burning eye and bloodied chains hanging from his wrists, the stories that circle the Black Raven frequently tell of his epic struggle against slavers and injustice throughout the North and the southern kingdoms. Some historians speculate that the Black Raven may have been a drow or half-drow, but others claim that he was a minor or quasi-deity dedicated to ending slavery and oppression. This black ash is made of fine silk, perhaps spider slik, and it is worn looped around the waist. While worn, it helps the wearer focus in combat, freeing his mind of all distractions and channelings his inner energies to defeat his foes. When worn by any class other than a monk, it immediately unknots itself and falls to the ground
stats- +1 to all attacks, Immunity to Confusion and Feeblemind. If upgraded, attack gets a +2 to attack, immunity to Confusion, Feeblemind, Sleep, Charm person, and Cloak of Fear, Monk only.

Shimmering Sash
One of many beautiful enchanted ashes created in the southern reaches of Zakhara, this luxurious silk items was created to aid its wearer in evading attacks. The Brotherhood of the Ture Sun, a society of holy slayers, granted these sashes to their most devout servants. Th e particular sash was most recently in the possession of the holy slayer Khamu Bedi. A string of delicate black characters on the slik read “Be swift, powerful, and deadly. But above all else, be moral”.
Stats- Constant effect of Blur, Good only

Silken Sash
There is something about a silken sash around the waist that makes you look like you know what you’re talking about.
Stats- +1 to reflex and +2 to Appraise

Girdle of Piercing: “Elves Bane’
An infamous highwayman in his day, Pandar of Scardale made quite a name for himself vexing the elves of Cormanthor forest. To their annoyance he continually used the wood to escape the law; and with the aide of this gridle, the elves arrows as well. Unfortunately for Pandar, pit traps and starvation proved a slower, but effective substitution.
Stats- +3 to AC vs. Piercing weapons.

Girdle of Stone Giant Strength
As a young boy, Stewart Elttil was kidnapped by raiding kobolds after his family was slain. However, en route to their den the kobolds surpised a family of stone giants. These giants rescued Stewart and raised him as their own. It soon became apparent that the boy, no matter how hard he tried, could not compete in the family rock throwing contests. The stone giant father bartered with a local wizard for this girdle, which made Stewart as strong as his brothers and sisters. When Stewart met an untimely end, the girdle was stolen away
Stats- Strength set to 20

Mercykiller’s Belt

Imoen’s Belt
Imoen does not know when or how she acquired this belt and despite all of her efforts and magic it cannot be removed or unbuckled.
Stats- Automatically stabilizes when reduced to negative hit points.

Belt of the Antipod
Trimmed in the fure of a polar bear, this sturdy belt is tooled with the images of blue moons and white ice floes. The wearer is immune to all cold-based effect but suffers double any fire damage.
Stats- Wearer is immune to cold but takes double damage from fire

Black Goat Girdle
Made by halflings, the Black Goat Girdle is sacred to all of their religious sects. Legends say that the Black Goat appeared to a nameless halfling village that had been sacked by goblins during a terrible winter. The tribe of warriors slew most of the halfling men, burned the fields, and took all of the town’s livestock. Broken but not hopeless, the villagers congregated for prayers in the burned chapel at the center of town. Out of the smoke drifting over the edge of town, a black goat appeared with six kids, five, one white. Over the course of six days, the kids grew, gave birth to more kids and each previous generation died in the night. The milk, meat, and hide provided by the goats helped hte halfling survive through their harsh winter. After the six days of miracles had passed, the town tanner made a belt from the hide of the mother goat that had appeared out of the smoke. Halflings tales often contain stories of halflings heros wearing the Black GOat Girdle on their adventures, though no one has yet determined exactly where the legend truly originated.
stats- Wearer heals 1 hit point every three rounds, +1 to Morale, +2 to Saving Throws

Golden Girdle “Golden Girlde of Urnst
Created to protect a powerful wizards against malevolent warriors, this magical garment is made of red silk strewn with golden flakes. It is enchanted to give limited protection against slashing weapons of any type.
Stats- +3 AC vs. salshing weapons

Girdle of Masculinity/Feminity
This cursed girdle of femininity and masculinity, a rare yet oft-discussed magic item, is wrought with a most powerful magic. Anyone unfortunate enough to secure it around their waist instantly finds their gender to be transformed. It is said that not fifty years past, a nameless court jester was beheaded for presenting the girdle as a gift to Duke Lobelahn’s lover
Stats- Changes wearer’s gender



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