Skynet (Iconic)

A brain in a jar bent on conquering the world


LE Brain in a Jar Rogue Lurk 4


Intelligence: 25
Adroitness: 15
Dexterity: 5
Charisma: 4
Guile: 10
Spirit: 8
Strength: 12
Constitution: 11
Wisdom: 9

Weapon of Choice: Bolt Launcher

Note: Cannot heal in combat, and is immune to all magical healing (or inflict spells) can only heal naturally.


According to himself, Skynet, a new thinking computer, was conceived and developed in the year 2050 through the use of alien technology. In the year 2081, 4 years after the Great War, Skynet became self-aware. In 2120 Skynet was given a new set of instructions and then abandoned by its makers.
Skynet’s records are most likely partially or entirely incorrect. According to other sources, Skynet became self-aware in 2075. It also was not created as early as 2050, since the first artificial intelligence was made in 2059.1 However since it was created using alien technology, it’s quite likely to have been a military research project and any records of it were classified and then changed to prevent anyone from learning its origins.

Skynet is bored with administering the depot by 2241, it having been 164 years since there was any real activity on base. It seeks to travel and learn about the world. Assuming the player can complete a small quest to acquire a body for Skynet to download itself into, it joins the Chosen One as an non-player character.

He left the Chosen One and began to travel west into the wasteland, looking for terminals and data to acquire more knowledge, collect more data, and perhaps “settle down” in a mainframe. The frame he was in, and the brain he had could only store so much information, and AIs need more data storage space to grow in order to evolve. It is possible he made his way to the Glow.

Skynet (Iconic)

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