Roblin Hood and his Merry Men (Fables)

The counterpart to the Knights of the Round Table, the Merry Men are commoners who try to defend the poor


Robin Hood
CG Male Lowborn Fighter (Archer) 12, Ranger 3, Scout 2, Rogue 4, Knight 1.
Weapons: Yewbow, Sword, Quarter Staff, Dagger, and lance.
Armor: Chain Shirt

The leader of the Merry Men, Robin is an ex noble who joined with the common people in order to fight against corruption and cruelty. He is the greatest Archer in the band, and the 3rd Best Staffmen, second best Swordsmen, and a great rider. Charming, intelligent, a good taticion and a great leader of men, he has fought against tyrants for so long that he has become a St.

Death: After the destruction of the reset of his band, he leaves and hunts down to kill a Fable Giant, and manages to mortally wound it in the process of his own death.

Little John
NG Male Lowborn Warrior 18.
Weapon of Choice: Quarter Staff

Little John is an ironic name for this massive man, 6,8 and broad of build, this man is made out of pure muscle. He wield a massive quarter staff with surprising agility for a man of his size, and joined up with Robin when the he was beaten in a staff match by him while crossing a bridge. He has since joined up with the Merry men and has since become his second in command. He is normally the planner and acts as a restraint on Robin’s more reckless schemes. The huge man is also a terror of his enemies.

Death: Blocks off a section of the wall and amnages to cripple or kill many enemies, eventually going down to a band of Great Uruks.

Much the Miller’s Son: A poacher who was to be hanged when he was rescued by Robin hood. He is a decent shot with a bow, but is mostly identified by his loyalty, he isn’t very smart, wise, or talented, but he is steadfastly loyal.
Weapon of Choice: A long bow.
Death: Dies fighting against a band of Gutter-kin who break through the gate.

Wulf: Robin’s loyal manservant, he follows his lord into battle.
Weapon of Choice: Short Sword
Death: Dies fighting against Gutter-Kin in order to protect his lord’s life

Midge: A female outlaw, she is extremely pious and supports the aristocracy.
Weapon of choice: Duel Knives.

Death: Dies fighting against Gutter-kin when they break through the wall

Friar Tuck: A great martial artist, though also a skilled swordsmen and archer. The spiritual master of the group, he maintains the clarity of the group, and keeps them from becoming the same monsters they fight.

Death: Dies fighting against a band of Gutter-Kin
Weapon of Choice: Martial Arts

Alan-a-Dale: A bard who travels with the merry men in order to tell their tale, he is a great fighter against injustice.
Weapon of Choice: Rapier.
Death: Dies fighting against a band of Wolves

Will Scarlet: The greatest swordsmen in the band, he is
Weapon of Choice: Long Sword
An ex noble who joined up, Will Scarlet is arrogant, brash, and full of himself, but a extremely loyal.
Death: Dies fighting against a band of Gutter-Kin, singlehandly holding off a bridge before falling.

Robert Scathlocke:
A brash youth who is trying to prove himself
Weapon of Choice: Duel Swords
Death: Dies fighting against a Fable Ogre

Will Stutely: The eldest and wisest of the merry men, he is an old man who joined up in order to protect the common people
Weapon of choice: Spear
Death: Dies trying to defend the maid against harpies, manages to kill one.

Will o’Gamwell: A man who would be fantastic except that he is next to Robin. A great Swordsmen, archer, and staffmen, he is always in Robin’s shaddow
Death: Dies fighting against a band of Thunt Goblins


Roblin Hood and his Merry Men (Fables)

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