Radiant Jen Zi (Iconic)




Weapon style: +4 Duel Fu tao

Jade Amulet (Uses 3 Essence Gems)

Imperial Favor
+3 to Charm
+1 to Intition
+3 to Will
Power ups are twice as likely to appear
“The emperors of the Sun dynasty have long been famed for their magical aptitude, but they also enjoy the adulation of the people of the Jade Empire. Imperial Favor was cut by a master gem smith, who worked for weeks to create a gift that would suitably honor Princess Lian’s coming of age

Absolute Dedication
1% more XP from enemies, but mortal enemies do not produce power ups
With proper focus on the techniques of your human enemies, you pick up lessons and moves that help you develop your own style. Your dedication to learning in combat is so absolute, however, that you have no time or attention to seek recovery during combat. Only continued study, and not respite in crisis, is important."

Iron Skin Gem
DR 3 to unarmed Damage
Immunity to Chi Traps
“The power of this gem toughens the skin until it as strong as iron. Traps and other undirected attacks will have no effect at all upon the wielded. Calculated, cunning strikes from an intelligent opponent will still harm the user, but the strengthened skin will help absorb damage.”


Death: She dies fighting against a band of Blood Oni

Radiant Jen Zi (Iconic)

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