Quenthel Baenre (Iconic)


CE Female Spidertouched Drow, Cleric 15, Disciple of Lolth 4, Eye of Lolth 1

Item: Quenthel’s Snake Whip (Intelligence + 5 extending snake whip of speed, breath attacks, Detect Poison at will, Free use of uncanny broad, evasion, true seeing at will, haste 1/day, Poison (Fire, Frost, Acid, Poison, and Lightning), 5 Scourge, +5 moderate fortification elven chain, +4 hand shield, Belt of strength +6, Gloves of Dexterty +4, Arach-Tinilith Ring (6 to constitution, +2 Charisma, immunity to detech thoughts, discern lies, or any attempt to detect AL) amulet of Natural armor +4, headband of Wisdom +6, ring of protection +5, piwafwi of resistance +5, rob of viscid globs, boots of speed, wand of chaos hammer, wand of cure serious wound, wand of spider swarm, wand of cure light wound, wand of dispel magic, 4 beads of horse, house insignia, ring of faith III, hand crossbow, +2 returning hammer, + 1 unholy dagger, scroll of invisibility, bracers of magic resistance.


Quenthel Baenre (Iconic)

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