Prince Ralis (Iconic)


Male Lanayru Warrior 8

Weapon of Choice: Glaive


Ralis is the prince of the Zora people, and son of Queen Rutela. He tried to travel to Hyrule Castle to plead Princess Zelda for help when Zora’s Domain froze, but he was attacked by monsters and rescued by Ilia.12 He became ill because he had spent too long away from water, and requires emergency transport to Kakariko Village to be treated by Renado.34 He is reluctant to become the King of the Zoras, but resolves these feelings with Link’s help.56 He is an excellent Reekfish angler,7 and will provide Link with the Coral Earring required to catch one in order to proceed through the Snowpeak area.8
After giving Link the Coral Earring, Ralis returns to Zora’s Domain and rules over the Zoras. He welcomes Link and urge him to make himself at home.9 During the end credits Ralis finds the spirit of his mother and supposedly continues to rule over the Zoras, but in a much happier state.

Death: Dies fighting against a group of Gyorg sharks

Prince Ralis (Iconic)

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