Pavel (Iconic)

A young farmer who is taking a job as a Guard


LG Male Human Fighter 1, Cleric 1, Acolyte 3
Color: Green

Weapon of Choice: Heavy Flail, Tower Shield


Asp Flail
+1 Heavy Flail, +1D6 acid damage
Even more frightening than this weapon’s power in batlte are the tales told by survivors of its attack. Witnesses claim that on impact an asp was seen to snake from the flail and add its venomous fangs to the weapon’s strike.

Blackriver Crossbow
+1D12 on critical hits

This crossbow once belonged to a nefarious Blackriver Bandit leader in Neverwinter

Valiant Defender
+1 Tower Shield
“Many an attack has been turned by this shield, my greatest creation! This is far better than my boltless crossbow, although I still think that a crossbow that fires field mice could potentially useful, given the right circumstances”- Wandatin Di’Noga-gnomish tinker

Adamantine Breastplate
+2 breast plate, DR/1
This armor bears the trademarks of drow workmanship, though it is obviously exceptional even by their standards. Several examples have been found in recent times, and scholars are unable to explain how these suits avoid the decay that normally afflicts adamantine after exposure to daylight. An obvious answer is that the items must have been intended for surface world excursion of great length and in great numbers, which is a disturbing possibly to consider.

Valiants Helm
+1 Helmet, Ultravision 1/day
“There is nothing funny about a serious head wound. I once watched a man get his head crushed by a morning star- brains and blood everywhere!. Next time you think it is too hot to wear your helmet while on guard duty, you just think about that!”- Admonition to a guard, overheard on a caravan through the Anauroch Destert.

Cape of Winter
Cold Resist 10, +2 to spell resistance
These claoks of resistance are commonly found among frost giants ando ther Auril-worshiping creatures creatures in the frozen North. The cloak is white and trimmed with white fur. The wearer can withstand extremes of cold weather and magical cold damage as well.


Taking a job as a guard for an adventuring academy, he was drawn into an actual adventure once, which made him loose his taste for the life.

Death: Dies fighting against a group of zombies.

Pavel (Iconic)

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