Neeshka (Iconic)

A brash opportunistic Fiendish rogue, she is always looking for profit


TN Female Fiendish Human Rogue 11 (Prestige Class 5)
Color: Red
Temperament: Sanguine/Choleric


Strength: 12
Dexterity: 17
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 12
Guile: 14
Adroitness: 16
Spirit: 17


Despite her heritage, she doesn’t actually take her heritage much into account, she is very accepting.

Neeshka has a fairly timid and defensive demeanor, often wary due to the stigma associated with tieflings. She particularly responds favorably to any kindness or support given to her, and often will only show courage if backed by the PC. If the PC is male, she is particularly territorial at times, showing great animosity and jealousy towards Elanee and Shandra, particularly when they first join the party. She especially desires affection from the player, and with high influence, will resist Garius’ geas placed on her because she can’t bring herself to betray the only person that ever showed her kindness.
True to her tiefling nature, she is often impulsively stealing, almost to the point of kleptomania. She frequently swipes goods from others, checking companions’ pockets, and often will admit to it casually to the player in conversation. She distrusts the Neverwinter city watch, though is still supportive if the PC joins them, often encouraging him/her to bend the rules (such as with the smuggled weapons).

Personal Quest: Her old partner Leldon is bitter about her taking his share of loot form a hiest, and they want revenge. After a series of attacks, she eventually wishes to attack him directly.

Personal Quest (Fake): She discovers her father is alive, being held captive in the Seven Heavens, but makes no attempt to free him.

Death: Dies fighting against a force of Bugliers who were trying to sneak in a side door, she manages to kill them all at the cost of her own life.

he PC first encounters Neeshka on his/her way to Fort Locke where she is being harassed by soldiers because of her obvious fiendish heritage. The PC chooses to help her out and decides that it’ll be safer for her to travel with the PC given the prejudices many locals have towards tieflings, despite Khelgar’s protests about letting a “no good backstabbing tiefling” travel with them. Despite Khelgar’s initial distrust of Neeshka, they become rather close, often bickering like brother and sister. Neeshka was abandoned as a baby and was raised by Priests of Helm who constantly tried to convert her. Even so, Neeshka always managed to get herself into trouble and decided to leave the priests after a “particularly moving sermon,” but not before helping herself to the collection plate. She shows some dislike towards other female members of the party, especially Elanee and Shandra, with whom she often competes with for the PC’s attention.
Upon arriving in Neverwinter, she is greeted by old friends who are out to collect the bounty on her head set by her former partner Leldon. Leldon still held a grudge towards Neeshka for robbing him blind, which she did only because she was betrayed by Leldon after their last heist together over a year ago (which is the reason why she left Neverwinter in the first place). After a few more ambushes by Leldon’s thugs, Neeshka convinces the PC to take the fight to Leldon. She suggested that they could get even by stealing his lucky coin, which later turns out to be Neeshka’s lucky coin which was stolen from her when Leldon betrayed her. After beating Leldon, who escapes via smoke potions, he later issues a challenge to Neeshka for the title of Greatest Thief in Neverwinter. The challenge was to see who could rob a famous art collector, named simply “The Collector”; (also known as Ninsy), first. Upon breaking into the vault, she is confronted by Leldon who is soon killed by Neeshka and the PC, and thus settling the issue on who is the Greatest Thief in Neverwinter.

At the end of the quest, Neeshka is forcibly taken by Black Garius and tortured in an attempt to turn her against the PC via a binding ritual, which was effective because of her strong devil blood. Depending on the PC’s influence with Neeshka, she either breaks free from the spell and rejoins the PC, or her will is broken and she sides with Garius. If she sides with Black Garius, she is killed by the PC along with Garius. If she breaks the spell and rejoins the PC, she goes missing with the PC and her companions upon defeating the King of Shadows.

Neeshka (Iconic)

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