Nathyrra (Iconic

A drow renegade


LN Female Drgow Wizard/Assassin/Rogue

Weapon styles: Scimitar and kurki


Frozen Drow Blade
6 Longsword, 2D4 cold damage, on hit Freeze Fort save DC 10casterlevel,) Level 15
Only the most skilled of all drow weaponsmiths know how to forge these deadly weapons. It is rumored that one must venture into the frozen wastelands of Cania to obtain the necessary components to forge such a powerful weapon, but it is completely unknown what those components may be.

Sword Saint Legacy +8
+8 Katana, extra 2D6 sonic damage against Evil
With death, being the ultimate challenge for a great warrior to overcome, powerful and noble warriors have begun to sacrifice their physical bodies so that their spirits can inhabit an ancestrial Katana. The more powerful the warrior in life, and the more noble his spirit the more powerful the sword. It is told that the great Master Kendai Kousra inhabits a weapon so powerful that a god claimed it as his weapon of choice.

North Wind Bow
+8 Longbow, Mighty +8, +1d6 cold damage, Cold Resistance 20, unlimited arrows.
These bows seem primitive at first glance, but behind the crude sinew and hide is a powerful weapon. They are most often found in the far North, but unfortunately they are also most often found in the hands of a devotee of Auril, the Icemaiden. most observers will get a good look at the point of the arrow before ever seeing the bow

Chain of Stealth
+2 Chainmail, +6 to hide and move silently
The star of Cimbar was a magical jewel, guarded by 20 crossbowmen at all times, in the royal palace in Cimbar. A few years ago, a thief snuck in and stole the jewel in a daring raid. Before he was executed, the head guard claimed that he saw a dark shadow moving near the jewel’s case, but when he fire his crossbow, the bolt bounced off it like it hit a wall. The ricochet never made a sound.

Amulet of Vitality +6
+6 Constitution
When Jacin Maltis, a petty lord in Sembia paid for the crafting of an amulet to increase his health, he expected a tasteful necklace with a small but precious gem mounted in it. When he placed the necklace around his neck and the diamond turned a gaudy blood red, he refused to pay the wizard who created it. The wizard simply smiled and loosed a spell taht instantly destroyed a noble. Complies of this amulet were found circulating months later in the distant city of Waterdeep

Belt of Agility
+10, freedom of movement.
Attempting to form an anti-thieves guild, Ronger Delphos, a successful merchant paid thieves to become security expert, to guard merchants in Waterdeep. The guards were trained to use wands with the Hold Person spell, to capture the thieves for interrogation. To counteract this security measures, magical belts were purchased by teh thieves guild, which nullified the effect of such spells. In the escalating war between the two guilds, many of these belts found their way into pawnshops and equipment stores.

Greater Boots of Tumbling
+12 tumble
Made for members of a militant order of Lliiara-worshipng known as the Scarlet mummers, these boots aid those deadly dancers in their acrobatic assassination of the agents of the maiden of Pain.

Bracers of the Blinding Strike.
+4 to AC, constant Haste
Beyl Van Yoren was a young student in the monastery of the Dark Moon who was seduced away from her order by a local transmuter named Vergol. To punish Beyl for her desertion, the Older’s elder monks contracted a rival spellcaster to arm several of their best remaining students with these bracers, hoping the bracers would prove a match to Vergol’s haste-inducing spells. However, the Order did not foresee Vergol’s equal expertise with hindering spells, and the student have not been seen once.

Cloak of Greater Sanctuary
Greater Sanctuary (18) 1/day

These silvery gray cloaks seem to absorb light rather than be illuminated by it. One command, these cloaks make their wearer wraithlike in appearance. The gnome wizard Dimble Deagal confounded Lathander’s clerics in Featherdale for years before his secret was finally revealed by a travelers skilled in the Art. Dimble owned one of these cloaks and used it to scare the local farmer. The Featherdarrans had mistaken the often insubstantial gnome for an actual ghost and roused the local exorcists who continually failed to turn the false specter.

Epic Gloves of Swordplay
+30 to parry
It was the infamous swashbuckler, Eisneid Clume, who first requested magical assistance to help her parrying ability. She had been run through in seven duels before she had the gloves made. Once the gloves were in her possession, Eisneid won over thirty duels without a single scratch, Finall, a word of her magical assets (not her breasts) leaked out (not breast implants) and the level of swordplay in Hillsfar increased dramatically

Blackguard’s Helment
+3 vs. Sonic, +3 vs. Mind Effecting spells
The evil form of the Paladin, the blackguard, is opposite in every way. As the image of the paladin often takes the form of a knight in shining armor, so the blackguard wears the dark plate that blends with the night. The blackguards helms is fashioned to frighten enemies with a single glance.

Ring of Magic Defenses
+2 Spellcraft, Spell Resistance: 14, Dispel magic 1/day
These potent defensive rings are much in demand in urban areas, where duels between rival spellcasters are unfortunately common. Armed with one of these items, even a relatively inexperienced caster can withstand the attack of an archmage abeit briefly.

Ring of Elemental Resistance
Resistance 15
When Galevaar the Bold tired of mundane enemies, he decided to invade the Abyss. He spent his fortune on a ring that made him proof against all form of elemental damage,, the first ring of this time. No one knows if the ring would have protected him in the 666 layers of the Abyss; his men mutinied at the open portal and pushed him through without any of his equipment. he has not been heard from since.

Rod of Ressurection
Ressurection 5 charges per use, 50 charges
With the power to restore life itself, these rods are prized indeed. It is not known if this particular exmaple was created to aid in the ghood words of a saint or prolong the ills of an overlord, for such rods serve indiscriminately.


A former member of the Red Sisters (a drow order of assassins under the command of the Valsharess) and now a devout follower of Eilistraee, Nathyrra first meets the player character in the bowels of Undermountain offering assistance in freeing Halaster. She becomes available as a henchman from Chapter 2 onwards.

History: Nathyrra was formerly one of House Kant’tar — in particular, a daughter of the Matron Mother of that house. House Kant’tar was destroyed by the Valsharess, and Nathyrra became a dobluth (drow for outcast, or unhoused one). Hounded by the Valsharess’s Red Sisters, she slew every one of their assassins that sought her life. Eventually, the Valsharess offered Nathyrra a place in her Red Sisters, and she accepted.

After her training was complete, she was given a task — infiltrate the rebels that worship Eilistraee and kill the Seer. In the end, she joined the Seer and converted to the worship of Eilistraee.

Death: Dies taking out an Ulthithid after slaughtering a whole band of Mind Flayers.

Nathyrra (Iconic

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