Mortegro (Iconic)

A necromage (not a necromancer) who tries his best to bring justice


Male Ophedian (human) Necromage 15

Strength: 9
Dexterity: 14
Intelligence: 20
Constitution: 9
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 15
Guile: 14
Spirit: 12
Adroitness: 6

Items: Firedoom Staff, Kidney Belt, Dagger

This +3 GreatStaff can shoot a flaming explosion that deals 5D6 damage 10/per day

Despite staying silent about it, many warriors envy the ability of mages to throw around devastating fireballs at will. Some enterprising wizard must have discerned this, and produced the Firedoom Staff. This two-handed weapon can emit deadly fireballs at will, and is useable by both mages and mundanes alike. However, it tends to work better for lone fighters, since the increased risk of “friendly fire” with larger parties is simply too great to ignore. Alas, Firedoom staves are seldom found.


Mortegro was classified as a “Necromage”, one that specializes in death and the related spells, as opposed to a “Necromancer”, who specializes in causing and controlling death. This difference was underscored greatly by his involvement in bringing a necromancer known as Vasculio to justice after he had been found to have been participating in forbidden rituals and experiments, involving torture and desecration. It was later revealed that Vasculio survived his execution at the hands of the Council of Mages, and bore a great hatred for Mortegro in his dwelling in the ruins of the Skullcrusher Mountains.

At the time that the Avatar arrived in Moonshade, Mortegro was involved in research with the adept Gustacio to determine the cause of the teleport storms which were then plaguing the land. He offered the Avatar his services as a medium and was available in his mansion to perform seances after midnight. During these ceremonies, the spirits of Christopher and Gwenno spoke to the Avatar – the former giving warnings of angry spirits that dwelt in the void and the latter speaking words of affection for her husband Iolo.

After the death of Rotoluncia, Mortegro was appointed to the Council of Mages. When the Avatar was found in the bedchambers of the Mage Lord Filbercio’s paramour, Frigidazzi, Mortegro participated in the resulting trial, in which the hero was sentenced to imprisonment in the Mountains of Freedom.

The Avatar would eventually escape the prison, but during the interim, Mortegro fell victim to the teleport storms and was physically exchanged with the altar of the Temple of Tolerance far in the icelands of the north.

Eventually, the Avatar’s journeys took him northward, and Mortegro was found, stranded in the middle of an island in the temple. He was rescued by the Avatar and in gratitude gave hero the spell Summon Shade. He asked the Avatar to escort him home, but as they left the temple lightning stuck him again, teleporting him to an unknown location. He was not seen again on the Serpent Isle.

Death: Dies fighting against a Flesh Golem

Mortegro (Iconic)

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