Morte (Iconic)

A sarcastic floating skull, just go with it.


male Damned Fighter 12

Special Abilities: Litany of Curses, Skull Mob


Strength: 12
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 17
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 9
Charisma: 6
Adroitness: 3
Spirit: 15
Guile: 18

Extremely quick
Very high Action points
Very difficult to hit
His cursing power can easily become overpowered
His stats can be boosted quite dramatically via dialogue options alone
Great opportunities for XP

Can’t equip weapons/armor nor hold any extra items
Lies constantly
Flees if reduced to less than 10 hit points.
The Fiendish Eye Of Kalem’dar*
Kaleidoscopic Eye*
Teeth of the Viper*

Kaleidoscopic Eye
Invokes: “Chromatic Orb” when held
Special: Equipped
…..1 to All Saving Throws
1 to Save vs. Spells
…..+5% Resistance to Magic
Weight: 0
Usable only by Good creatures

This shimmering jewel is acually the corpse of a radiance spirit from the Upper Plane of Elysium. When these creatures pass away, they leave their shimmering husks behind. These husks are often mistaken for jewels or semi-precious stones. Their essence is still that of harmony and goodness, and they can only be employeed by a creature whose heart is filled with good intentions.

The kaleidoscopic eye can either be wielded in the hand or placed in an empty eye socket, depending on whether its owner wishes to use it for defense or offense. When held, the user may summon its power to harness ambient light, twist it, then turn it against his enemies.

When placed in the owner’s eye socket, the eye grafts itself to the wearer’s skull and helps shield its new owner. It absorbs a portion of the energies from incoming attacks and provides proof against all manner of magical attacks.

When the Kaleidoscopic Eye’s offensive power is exhausted, it cracks and turns to dust

The Fiendish Eye of Kalem’dar
(Minor Artifact)
…..2 to Charisma
5% Resistance to Fire
…..5% Resistance to Magical Fire
5% Resistance to Gas Attacks
…..5% Resistance to Cold
5% Resistance to Magical Cold
…..-1 Wisdom
Weight: 0

A well-known and respected fiend from the Lower Planes, Kalem’Darr was a member of the Fated faction in Sigil. His business were spread far and wide, and it was said he had a glittering touch, for every enterprise he undertook was successful. He planned carefully, took few risks, and prospered. Occasionally, he was forced to collect on debts – which could be bloody undertakings, but in the end, he always recieved his payments.

One day, one of his debtors came to Kalem’Darr and told him he could not settle his debt with coin… but would provide something of greater worth, if the fiend was interested. The man was a hedge wizard of little power, but he claimed he knew the ways of blessing a businessman’s eye so that no opportunity would ever escape his sight. Kalem’Darr, both greedy and intrigued, agreed to accept the enchatment as payment.

It worked… too well, as perhaps the wizard had intended.

Kalem’Darr’s enchanted eye soon saw opportunities everywhere. Too many to be exploited, and many others the fiend did not know HOW to take advantage of. What his “blessed” eye saw, his hands made broken – every opportunity he tried to take advantage of, his ineptitude mangled. His businesses fell apart, his financial empire crumbled. He soon found himself in debt to his fellows, who had little sympathy for their former competitor.

Kalem’Darr, unable to bear his reversal of fortune, finally plucked the offending eyeball from his socked and placed it within a cube of glass upon his mantle-piece. Then one day… the eye simply vanished.

It is said the eyeball itself saw a better opportunity as a free agent, but this has never been proven.

When placed within an empty eye socket, not only does the fiendish eye grant the wearer a trace of Kalem’Darr’s fiendish immunities, it also grants the wearer a bonus to their dealings with other, allowing them to thread their way through a conversation and take what they need. Still, the blinding array of opportunities the eye presents to the wearer blinds him to the opportunities he does take, reducing how much he learns from his experiences.

Teeth of the Viper
Damage: 2-7 Piercing
Enchanted: +1
Poisons Target
Immunity to Poison
Speed: 2
Weight: 1
Proficiency: Fists
Usable only by Morte (Don’t ask)

These teeth appear to be a set of hollow fangs, much like those of a viper. Although long removed from their original host, the teeth still drip poison from their sharp tips.

Abyssal Pipe
Invokes: “Cloudkill”
Weight: 0

This is a small pipe wooden pipe, carved to resemble the head of a demon.

When used, this pipe billows forth great gouts of deadly fumes from the planes of the Abyss.

Blood Fly Charm
…..Heals 3 Hit Points
…..Increases Regeneration (regenerates 1 hit point per round for 25 rounds)
Weight: 0

Blood flies are pests believed to have originated from one of the Lower Planes. In many ways, they resemble mosquitoes with an insatiable appetite — a cloud of blood flies can suck all the blood from a human body within minutes. Their stingers are capable of penetrating even the skin of fiends.

Despite their vicious appetite and temperament, blood flies are used by healers to draw forth diseased blood from an individual or even drain blood from a dead body. On occasion, blood flies are used to siphon off rare types of blood and are then paralyzed with powders or spells and kept in storage for future use.

This particular blood fly charm seems to hold the blood of a lesser fiend, and abishai, in its food sac. When this paralyzed fly is consumed, the user heals a small amount of damage immediately and also gains the ability to regenerate for a certain period of time. If the character is already able to regenerate, then the regeneration rate is increased.

Bone Charm
…..2 to Armor Class
2 to Armor Class vs. Crushing Attacks
…..+15% Resistance to Crushing Attacks
Weight: 0

This old finger bone charm has been hollowed out and tiny symbols have been scratched on its surface. A user must snap it in two to activate it.

When snapped, the bone charm temporarily strengthens the user’s skeleton and acts as a ward against breaks and fractures. The charm gives the user an overall bonus to their armor class and additional resistance against crushing attacks.

Jar of Embalming Fluid
…..2-8 to Hit Points
1 to Armor Class
Weight: 1
Usable only by the Nameless One and Morte

This is a sealed jar of embalming fluid. It is used as a preservative for dead bodies. As an added benefit, the smell of the fluid is more than sufficient to mask the smell of any rotting bodies it is used on. Effects are temporary.


Of course you got questions about me — you probably have questions about ALL sorts of things. Let me boil it down for you: when you’ve been as dead as long as I have… without arms, legs, or anything else, you spend a lot of time thinking, y’know? I figure it’s been a few hundred years since I got penned in the dead book, but time doesn’t really tally up the way it used to… without that mortality thing pressing down on you, all the days and nights kind of blend together. So you think about this, and you think about that… and the most important piece of wisdom I’ve learned over the past hundred or so years is this: There’s a LOT more obscene gestures you can make with your eyes and your jaw than most people think. Without even resorting to insults or taunting, you can really light a bonfire under someone just with the right combination of eye movements and jaw clicking. Drives them barmy! If you ever get beheaded and your skin flayed from your skull, I’ll show you how it’s done. I got some real gems, chief — they’d drive a deva to murder, they would.

I know what you’re thinking: I’m dead. I’ve lost so much. It should have sobered me up to all that joy I missed, all those loves I’ve lost. Some people get all depressed about death — they haven’t TRIED it, of course — but one thing they never seem to realize is how it changes your perspective on things; it really makes you take a second look at life, broaden your horizons. For me, it’s pretty much made me realize how many dead chits are in this berg and how few sharp-tongued men like myself there are to go around — you spin the wheel right, and your years of spending nights alone are over!

Shallow? I’m not shallow. I just don’t get caught up in all that philosophy and faith and belief wash that every berk from Arborea to the Gray Waste rattle their jaws about. Who cares? The Planes are what they are, you’re what you are, and if it changes, fine, but things aren’t bad the way they are — and I should know. Go on, ask me some questions about the Planes, or the chant, or the people, or the cultures — when you end up like me — without eyelids, that is — you end up seeing a lot of things, and I can tell you almost everything you need to know.

It’s like this: We’re in this together, chief. Until this is over, I stick to your leg.

Personal Quest: He needs to come to terms with his guilt

Death: Dies fighting against a band of Wizards

Morte (Iconic)

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