Morrigan (Iconic)

A young apostate who grew up in the wilderness, she is a cynical, dark social Darwinist.


Female Human Mage (Shapeshifter) 10
Deity: LOL
Temperament: Phlegmatic/Choleric
Color Black/Green

Int: 19
Wisdom: 18
Charisma: 16
Guile: 6
Strength: 7
Constitution: 9
Spirit: 10
Adroitness: 12
Dexterity: 11


Wildstone Clasp (amulet)
+1 to Will Saves
A roughhewn gem in a deceptively simple setting. Great skill was required to fashion this to look primitive and yet still elegant. Morrigan has an eye for quality that defies her wild nature

Robes of Possession
+2 Cold Damage, +5 Magic, 1 to Insight
The original intent of these robes is clear: a “welcome home” present from Flemeth, designed to sap Morrigan’s will and ease the ancient sorceress’s possession of her daughter. With Flemeth dead, these robes no longer pose a danger to Morrigan
-but Maker help those who get in her way.

Final Reason
+3 Magic staff, +1D4 fire damage
This staff was held by several senior conjurers of the Circle Tower, passed down from old master to new. Errant students learned to fear it, for when all other forms of discipline failed, the Final Reason would produce obedience at the cost of significant pain and discomfort.

Cameo Cowl
+2 Cunning

Every so often, a bolt of inspiration hits an inventor that subsequently propels a society forward into a new era. This was not one of those inventions. A small, enchanted medallion set into the front of this headwear was supposed to bear an image of the person dearest to the wearer’s heart. However, at some point, likely in a domestic disagreement sparked by some idle fancy, the cameo was damaged, leaving the cowl forever displaying the image of a stern-looking woman of elven descent who stares out from the wearer’s head. Still, other enchantments redeem the hood’s utility, and a note tucked into an interior seam suggests a further upgrade made by the last owner: “Fixed! Much better without the stutter!”

Belt of the Architect
+7 to Will power
The Architect likely salvaged this belt from some unfortunate mage.

Morrigan’s Ring
+2 Insight
This is a twisted loop of rosewood, the grain of which seems to shift and change from one moment to the next, taking on shapes reminiscent of animals and people.

Silver Cog (ring)
Electric Resistance 10, Deals 1D8 electric damage
Blunt teeth suggest this ring meshes with another. When equipped with the Golden Cog, the character gains a bonus to health regeneration.


An orphan who was raised by a powerful witch spirit in the middle of nowhere, Morrigan is a strange bird. While highly intelligent, she is almost entirely isolated from human beings apart from the men her “mother” would force her to seduce and kill. She is almost totally isolated from other people, and is a massive social darwinist. She abhors slavery however, but thats it. She is extremely snarky and mean to everybody.

Morrigan (Iconic)

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