Merrill (Iconic)


Female Dalish Elf Mage (Pariah)
Deity: ???
Temperament: Sanguine/Phlegmatic

Blood of Val Forest* (Amulet)

Blood of Val Forest
Each point of hit points lost with blood magic adds an extra 2 points of Mana
I hope father’s pleased with himself, marrying me to this bestial hognut. I don’t care if the emperor holds him in esteem. I don’t care if the Maker holds him in esteem. He drools on me, in his episodes! The fits! Oh, the fits. “Not frequent, and quite harmless!” said he. Such lies. The last one was a full ten minutes. If he has one in the marriage bed, I swear I shall be beaten black and blue by his flailing.
He bestowed upon me a garish gold medallion, encrusted with rubies. I swear, it is an offense to good taste; I look like I am wearing a dinner plate about my neck. He says I should never take it off. The gift is a mark of ownership; he thinks of me as a hound to be collared!
And then he revealed that the medallion was enchanted by a blood mage. It’s supposed to protect me! How, when I feel unclean just wearing it? The rubies too much resemble drops of blood, those sacrificed to create this ghastly thing.

I can’t believe my ill luck, forced into the bed of this grizzly and into a sinful union with blood magic! I pray that you make a better match, sister.

—A letter from a Lady Cerise, shortly after her marriage to Lord Eustace of Val Foret, Bosom Companion of Florian the Glorious and Principal Patron of Leorande the Younger

Freedom’s Promise
+1 Blade Staff, +1 to Fire, Cold, Frost, Lighting, Spirit, and Nature Damage

As Calenhad grew into a man, one great contentious issue separated him from Aldenon: Calenhad’s faith. As biddable as Calenhad was on some topics, never would he back down from matters of honor or Andraste. What Aldenon believed, only Aldenon knew, but he most certainly did not believe in the Maker. The friends’ arguments grew only hotter as they years passed.
But that aside, the union of Calenhad’s peerless honor and Aldenon’s ingenuity overcame every obstacle set before them. Rivals turned into friends, treacheries were uncovered, and impossible battles won. But as we turned to Teyrn Simeon, no one rested easy. Teyrn Simeon’s host outnumbered us many times over. He controlled the holy city of Denerim. Many great and terrible warriors had sworn him fealty.
Aldenon conceived a plan to enlist strong allies and Calenhad went into the Brecilian Forest to make it so. But unbeknownst to the mage, Calenhad had made contact with the Chantry. When Calenhad returned at the head of the Ash Warriors as Aldenon expected, so as well did templars and Circle mages join our host. Aldenon was in a fury such as I’ve never seen. He wanted a kingdom of free men, of moral people beholden to law. Where a common man could tend his land safely and in peace. He lifted his staff and his voice echoed through the hills: “A civilization cannot be civil if it condones the slavery of another. And that is what this Circle is! But by accident of birth, those mages would be free to live, love, and die as they choose. The Circles will break—if it be one year, a decade, a century, or beyond. Tyrants always fall, and the downtrodden always strive for freedom!”

Then Aldenon left. And although Lady Shayna slew Simeon that day and Calenhad ruled a united kingdom, my liege was not the same without his mentor and friend. We live in the kingdom built on the dreams of two great friends, and we are all lessened by Aldenon’s departure.

—From the Recollections of Ser Devith, banner knight of King Calenhad

Robes of the Pretender
+2 to Magic Damage, +1 to all Energy damage

As the Chantry’s hold on the kingdom grew, and Aldenon’s rebel mages were claimed one by one, the great Calenhad came to regret letting the Circle form in his kingdom. Certainly he missed his old friend’s counsel.
And then Calenhad disappeared, leaving crown and kingdom to his unborn son.
One story says he tracked down Marterel the Elusive, the only one of Aldenon’s apprentices who was never captured. Calenhad managed what the templars could not and found the mage. He asked Marterel where Aldenon had fled to, but Marterel refused him. The next night, the king asked again, and was again refused, so he began to tell Marterel his whole life’s story. After a full week, the king reached the end of his tale and Marterel heard the regret in the king’s words. So the mage broke his solemn vow and told Calenhad where his old master had gone. Calenhad thanked him and left to find his truest friend.

Whether Calenhad ever found Aldenon, what they said, and whether they made amends—only the Maker knows. But that’s the last anyone ever saw our king.

—From a story told and retold many times by apprentices in the Circle Tower of Ferelden

Wisdom’s Eye (robes)
+1 to Mana Regeneration
Although his vestments are legendary, Aldenon also weaved many subtle and potent enchantments into his cap during the years he fought against the Circle Tower of Ferelden. He claimed he could use Wisdom’s Eye to even see the future. Certainly the innumerable times he and the other rebel mages escaped templars lend some credence to the claim. When Aldenon’s band numbered fewer than the fingers of one hand, he donned his hat and meditated a full day. When he awoke, he said the Maker and the Circle had won, and he bade his apprentices run. He was never heard from again.

The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall
Gives 5 gp
Written by a Ferelden refugee as she fled the Blight, this book of poems describes her dreams of a new start in Kirkwall, the city across the sea. Readers will surely be enriched by her insights.

The Long Trek (boots)
+9 Hit points and mana points
Malcolm would never tell his wife or young children where he was from; it was a bloody tale that forever gave him nightmares. When their love was still fresh, Leandra once pressed him on the subject. All he would say is, “Freedom’s price is never cheap, but that was hundred leagues and a lifetime ago.” His haunted gaze lingered on his favourite boots, and he would say no more.

Templar Ceremonial Belt
10% magic resistance, doubles natural healing

When a templar takes his vows and enters the service of Andraste, he is presented with a suit of ceremonial armor to be worn when in the presence of the grand cleric. Every piece of the armor is covered in the iconography of blessed Andraste.
The cummerbund is wide, made of interlocking steel plates inlaid with gold, and adorned with two hundred and eight embossed stars along the edging: one for each day Andraste sung to the Maker to deliver her people. The center plate depicts, in bas relief, the burning Sword of Mercy. Beside it is a shield, representing the disciple Havard. On the other side is ring split in half, which symbolizes Maferath. The buckle is formed like a sun, representing the Maker. On the steel inner face of each plate, a line of the Chant of Light is written.
The last is an interesting touch. Concealed artistic flair or an overt cheat sheet at mass?

—An excerpt from The Chantry: An Introspective, by Sister Petrine, Chantry scholar

Ring of the Ferryman
Immunity to Stun, +2 to Lightning and Fire Damage, +2 to Magic Damage, +1 to Mana regeneration.

Legend has it that prior to seizing powers as the first archon of the Tevinter Imperium, Darinius had a dream that he crossed a mighty river in a small ferry piloted by a man whose face was always in shadow. When he reached the other side, Darinus [sic] looked back and saw that the ferryman was himself.
When he took the throne, Darinius chose, as the seal of the archon, an image of a hooded ferryman. Every archon since has worn such a ring on the third finger of his right hand. A new ring is cast in gold for each archon with his name arround the image relief. By tradition, upon his death, the ring is ceremonially crushed in front of the assembled magisters, so that no one may use the power of the archon until a new one is crowned.
But the tradition has been circumvented at least twice: a forgery can be substituted and ritually destroyed in place of the Ring of the Ferryman. This one bears the name of Archon Hadarius, but whether it’s the true ring or the forgery is impossible to discern.

Elementalist’s Dying Grasp (Gloves)
+5 to all Elemental Magic
These gloves were made for a mage who boasted of complete control over the elements. After a fire spell went awry, the mage knocked his head on a tree, fell unconscious into a puddle, and drowned.


Death: After fighting for the Allies, she finally dies against a band of Desire Abominations, who finally do her in.

Merrill (Iconic)

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