Marian Bethany Hawke (Iconic)

A kind apostate who has grown bitter since joining the Grey Wardens


CN Female Human (???) Mage (Formari)


Malcom’s Honor (staff)
+5 Magic, Double Damage for Undead and Fade Creatures, +1 Damage per level

Malcolm and Leandra fled across the Waking Sea, to a new life away from the cold shadow of the Gallows. It took some doing, but the vastness of Ferelden allowed them to fall beneath the notice of their templar pursuers. They settled in the small village of Lothering, where a Malcolm made every effort to ensure that his children didn’t fear magic, and were well insulated against those who did. Malcolm had picked up a trick or two, here and there, and this deceptively simple staff shows the breadth of his knowledge. More an ongoing project than a specialist’s tool, it is the handiwork of someone comfortable with the life he must live, for as long as he was granted the opportunity to live it.

The Fugitive’s Mantle (robes)
+2 Spirit
Malcolm Hawke ranged the breadth of the Free Marches as he ran from the templars who pursued him. He often posed as a mercenary, and his substantial martial skills easily secured him positions in different bands. On one assignment for the Crimson Oars he was sent to Kirkwall, the seat of templar power in the region. He had every intention of staying there briefly, but fate had other plans.

Cameo Cowl
+2 Cunning
Every so often, a bolt of inspiration hits an inventor that subsequently propels a society forward into a new era. This was not one of those inventions. A small, enchanted medallion set into the front of this headwear was supposed to bear an image of the person dearest to the wearer’s heart. However, at some point, likely in a domestic disagreement sparked by some idle fancy, the cameo was damaged, leaving the cowl forever displaying the image of a stern-looking woman of elven descent who stares out from the wearer’s head. Still, other enchantments redeem the hood’s utility, and a note tucked into an interior seam suggests a further upgrade made by the last owner: “Fixed! Much better without the stutter!”

Guildmaster’s Belt
+2 Cunning, +1 Dodge
Most peasants despise the guildmasters of Denerim for growing fat off their labors—quite literally, in the case of this belt’s former owner, who could have stood to lose a pound or two.

Amulet of the War Mage
+1 to all elemental damage

This amulet was forged during the height of the ancient Tevinter Imperium’s power, a time when entire armies would flee upon seeing a Tevinter magister stride into battle. While the name Cavellus remains engraved on its back, any memory of the magister who created it has been lost to the mists of time.

Thorn (ring)
+1 to Nature Damage
A vine-like pattern circles this ring, appearing dense and foreboding. There is an abrasive element along the interior of the band, though the scratched finger never bleeds.

Dalish Promise Ring
+5 to all healing received by wielder
Intended for a Dalish elf’s betrothed, this enchanted silver band was blessed by the tribe’s Keeper to ensure a long, healthy life.

Sash of Forbidden Secrets (belt)
15% Spell Resistance, +3 to Wisdom and Spirit, and Immunity to BLood Magic

This belt is embroidered with Tevinter symbols of the occult. It was recovered in Amgarrak, amid the dusty bones of its previous owner. Ancient bloodstains on the item are a grisly reminder of why certain magics are forbidden.


Death: Dies fighting against a Harvester, which she manages to kill at the cost of her own life.

Marian Bethany Hawke (Iconic)

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