Lidda Plainsrunner (Iconic)

A hafling rogue who is trying to make amends....and profit...its difficult.....


Lidda Female Lightfoot hafling Rogue 10/Acrobat 2
Color- Red/Black
Temperament- Sanguine/Melancholic

Dex- 21
Int- 14
Wisdom- 16
Spirit- 10
Strength- 12
Con- 13
Guile- 14
Charisma- 8
Adroitness- 18

Chosen weapon- +3 Shortsword and +2 darkwood buckler
Possessions- +2 Studded leather armor, +1 mighty composite shorbow, +2 Mighty Light Crossbow, 40 bolts, 20 +2 arrows, ring of protection +1, amulet of natural armor +1, bracers of archery, vest of escape, glvoes of Dexterity +2, pale blue ioun stoen, elven cloak, elven boots, eyes of the eagle, Heward’s handy haversack, two potions of invisibility, two potions of cure light wounds, masterwork theives toosl, three sunrods, waterskin, one days trail rations, throwing dagger, dagger, flint and steel, bedrool, 50 ft silk rope, wand of invisibility, +1 dagger, +2 ring of resflection, +1 cloak of Resistance, Potion of Levitation, +2 Gloves of Dexterity, Rope of Climbing, bracers of armor +1 and ring of spider climb 1/day


Lidda grew up poor in a predominantly human city, and had the typical “oh so sad” life. She started out as a pickpocket and petty thief before slowly climbing up to become a full fledged burglar for the guild. However while she was a skilled thief, her ability to lay low had much to be desired, and she frequently got herself arrested for spending too much money after the heist and being found totally wasted wearing nothing but stolen goods and a man’s shirt. Eventually she got in enough trouble with the law that the law struck back, and she had to flee town, joining up with an adventuring party in order to slip out of town. After a few months of fighting in horrifying crypts, orc caves, and the elemental Plane of Ice, Lidda had a hard time getting back to normal life. Basically she is a thrill seeker, and likes to join up with adventuring parties for the excitement of the life. After awhile though, her adventuring outings ceased to become a hobby when her guild put a price on her head. Since then she has taken up adventuring full time, if only to avoid having her throat slit or her head cut off. She is willing to join any nonevil adventuring party, though she has recently come to finally accept that being a good person is a major thing and works to try to redeem herself of her evil….well questionable….well not nice….mortally debatable ways. For all of her devil may care attitude, she is seriously traumatized as fuck and is very reluctant to open up to people, preferring to constantly crack jokes and not take anything seriously, to hide a past of sexual abuse, drugs, murder, abuse and torture. In context through, she simply likes to interact with people and join up with adventuring parties, for an equal share of the loot.

Romance: She will hook up with any good looking, human, hafling with Charisma of at least 16. She will not date anybody with an evil AL.

Death: Lidda fights for a very long time throughout the war, finally dying during the Sacking of the city, during which she shifts through the streets killing attackers. She is killed when she saves a band of civilians by breaking cover to attack an band of orcs. She is able to kill the entire band when an ettin appeared, which she was able to kill at the cost of her own life.

Lidda Plainsrunner (Iconic)

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