Leske (Iconic)

A local dwarft castless thug


Male Castless Dwarf Thug (NPC Thief) 14
Deity: ???
Temperament: Choleric/Phlegmatic
Color: Black


Death: Leske had fought against the Enemy for Months when he finally decided he had had enough. during the night, he slipped out of his barracks, intending to betray the city over to the enemy in return for a sweet reward. On the way however, he ran into a band of Conterie assassins hoping to open the gate. due to a misunderstanding, he and the band broke into a fight, he was able to kill a dozen of them before being killed. The fight drew the attention of the allies, who slaughtered the remaining Coterie, and he was buried as a hero.

Leske (Iconic)

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