Leonna (Iconic)

A shipwrecked survivor, who needs help


Female Highborn Warrior (???)

Weapon style: Kite Shield and Spear

Items: Shade Sword

Shade Sword
This +3 Longssword ignores all AC, making it extremely dangerous.

Ring of Levitate
This ring lets you cast levitate at will

Ring of Poison Resistance
This ring gives you 50% resistance to all poison

Shield of Virtue
This +3 Kite Shield renders the wielder immune to fear effects

Once carried by Lord Blackthorn, this shield was set aside when that noble ascended to the rulership of Britannia upon the kidnapping of Lord British (a tale told in Warriors of Destiny). It is therefore symbolic of Valor, which Blackthorn also set aside when he became regent.


The Avatar met Leonna in The Fallen Virgin tavern in Bucaneer’s Den as she waited for her ship to be repaired. Leonna used to captain her own vessel, but when she fell upon hard times, she became the first mate of Captain Leodon on the Golden Hind. She spoke highly of her captain. Leonna believed that Captain Johne descended into Hythloth to try to kill as many Gargoyles as he could. A natural born adventurer, she offered to join the Avatar’s quest.1

Death: Dies fighting against some lesser Balron

Leonna (Iconic)

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