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A ghoul doctor who is trying to help the world


N male Necrotic (Ghoul) Healer 8

Weapon of Choice: machete


The ghoul Lenny was a doctor before the war. He and his father, “Coffin” Willie, made it to the partial safety of Vault 12 in Bakersfield before the bombs fell, and were, like the rest of that vault, turned into ghouls by the intense radiation. When the Vault Dweller came to Necropolis in 2161, fixing the town’s water pump, Lenny was greatly moved and inspired by his example. He wished that he had joined him, and spent the next 80 years regretting that he never had the courage to join him on his quest.
After the Master’s super mutant forces assaulted Necropolis, Lenny fled, eventually arriving in Gecko. Here, upon the arrival of the Vault Dweller’s descendant, the Chosen One, fate would have it that Lenny would be offered a second chance at undertaking a grand quest through the wastes.

Death: Died fighting a band of Night Stalkers

Lenny Iconic)

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