Krusk (Iconic)

An unfortunate Half Orc who is on a personal mission of liberation against his father's people, smarter than he looks.


Krusk- Male Beast Orc (Half Orc Bestral) Barbarian 10/Outcast Champion 3
Color- Red/Green
Temperament- Phlegmatic/Melancholic (Affection Choleric, Control Choleric, Inclusion Phlegmatic)
Sign- ?

Strength- 23
Constitution- 20
Wisdom- 17
Intelligence- 9
Dexterity- 16
Charisma- 6
Guile- 8
Spirit- 12
Adroitness- 13
Weapon of Choice- 3 Anarchic One headed Greataxe (4 if wielded by half breeds)
This weapon was made out of a broken oak tree combined with the left overs of a dwarf smith, and thus is the combination of two worlds. It was created by a half orc who lived among humans and wield by a half elf who lived among elves. Both of them were killed in a great orc invasions, where the great War Chief took up the axe, only to be killed by Krusk, who has wielded the axe ever since.
Possessions- 2 chain shirt, +2 Mighty composite longbow (4 strength bonus), 20 +1 arrows, 60 arrows, 2 +3 arrows, +1 punching dagger, +1 Knife, Masterwork throwing knife, amulet of natural armor +1, ring of protection +1, belt of giant strength +4, boots striding and springing, bracers of health +2, Cloak of resistance +2, ring of climbing, potion of cure moderate wounds, 2 potions of cure light wounds, two flasks of alchemist’s fire, anitoxin, backpack, bedroll, four units caltrops, dagger, flint and steel, grappling hook, sack, 50 ft silk rope, 10 days trail rations, 1 day iron rations, and a 1 firebomb

CRPG details-
Krusk can be found on the Roman/Orc border, where he is in a village after freeing a large amount of slaves from a band of orcs. He pretends to act like a local bully when strangers are around so he can take stock of them, but if any of them don’t judge him and choose to try to save more slaves, he will willingly join up with them.


The produce of a an orc raid upon human lands, his mother was raped by the famous chieftain in the area, in order to serve as an example to others. the villages had to pay the orcs tribute, in order to avoid the same fate for themselves. Krusk’s mother choose to bear the child, but was forced to live out in the wilderness alone because of her insistence on raising the child. Krusk grew big and strong, and of course was bullied by the village children because he was fantastically ugly. His mother loved him and some of her friend would come visit Krusk in order to give him aid and comfort. When he became a teenager, he started to work as a farmhand, where his absurd strength worked out to him. Despite his uglyness, he found that he became quite popular among teenagers, as he had a “dangerous reputation” and became somewhat of a thug, running a small gang of kids using his brute strength and toughness. He still loved his mother however, and when she heard complaints from other parents, she told him to go visit the orc trading post. meeting his father’s people, Krusk realized the savage brutality that was in his blood, and choose instead to work as part of the city militia. The Day after his mother died of an illness, his father choose to return to the village in order to collect his tribute, seeing Krusk he recgonized him as his own. Mocking his tears for crying over his mother, his provoked Krusk into a rage, and in less than a minute the chief and his bodyguard were dead. Knowing that retribution would come, Krusk orginizied a milita and used hit and run attacks until the orc band packed up and left. Knowing they would eventually return, Krusk choose to follow them hunting them in the wild and destroying their war bands until the frontier was free. Krusk can be found raiding orc slaver bands, specifically in such a manner to avoid letting the slaves get hurt. He accepts aid, though he prefers to work alone. He deliberately speaks in grunting “orc speech” so that people do not know how intelligent he actually is, though he does open up to people. Pragmatic and quite, he actually is very friendly and resonable, his brooding isn’t so much brooding as him thinking. He has a love for music and will open up to anybody who can play good love songs.
Approval- In order to gain Approval from Krusk you must A) Fight orcs B) Free Citizens C) Prevent any form of rape D) give away access wealth E) focus on the little people who can’t defend themselves. It can be lost by A) Bullying B) Any form of sexual assault C) Asking him to stay by while others suffer D) Asking for rewards E) destroying art
friendship- Krusk can gain friendship by A) playing music for him, specifically anything that is done in a formal style B) making him food, as he has a massive love of food and would love to try out new styles C) Teach him how to play cards, which he has been collecting but never learned how to play. He refuses to gamble, but would love to play
Rivalry- You upset him by A) Actuallying torturing prisoners B) Mocking his mother C) Saying that language doesn’t evolve.

Romance: Krusk is not interested in any relationship, though if pursued fiercely he will concede, provided they are the man in the relationship. He likes cooking

Krusk (Iconic)

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