Khelgar Ironfist (Iconic)



LG/CN Male Shield Dwarf Fighter 12/Monk 4 (Prestige Class 3)
God: Tyr (later)

Str 27
Dex 13,
Con 24,
Int 10,
Wis 10,
Cha 7
Spirit 12
Guile: 10
Adroitness: 10


“This powerfully built dwarf is a few inches shy of five feet but walks and talks with the clamor and subtlety of a hill giant. A shield dwarf of the Ironfist clan, Khelgar is a talented fighter who delights in the intimacy of a tavern brawl. Smiling when threatened and downright ecstatic when punched, Khelgar is most at home in a storm of fists and insults. Khelgar’s weathered face, long dark beard and massive upper body would give would likely give him muscular good looks had he not built a collection of cuts, bruises and missing teeth on his face from countless brawls.”

“Some take pride in craftsmanship, or in hunting, or in haggling for the best price on a blade or other piece of steel. Me? Talking with my fists is my art form.”

Join: Protect him from a band of Roughneck bandits, Githyanki, and Grey Dwarves and he will join you.

A tough little bastard who likes fighting for the sake of perfecting his own health. He was banished from his clan for fleeing when a band of Fire Giants attack, leading to deaths. He was banished and became a Mugger, until a band of monks beat the shit out of him. Thus he resolved to become a monk.

Personal Quest: He must travel to the monastery and overcome three trials, first coming to terms with his racism, then rejoin his family, and finally come to terms with his own internal sense of justice. He will then become a Monk and LG

he PC runs into Khelgar right outside of the Weeping Willow Inn where he is just about to get into a fight with local thugs trying to rob him. With or without the PC’s help, he makes short work of them and invites the PC for a couple of drinks inside the inn. He tells the PC that he was on his way to Neverwinter to find a monastery so he could learn to fight like monks. It turns out that Khelgar takes great pleasure in tavern brawls and during one such brawl, he was given a sound beating by a bunch of “skinny robed humans” who turned out to be monks. Impressed by their fighting prowess, he decided to go to the Temple of Tyr in Neverwinter to learn how to fight like them.
Khelgar starts out to be rather prejudiced especially towards tieflings (excepting a PC tiefling) and elves. Upon reaching the Temple of Tyr, he is given three trials before he can be accepted as a student, which includes overcoming prejudice (Trial of the Even-handed), making amends with kin he has hurt (Trial of the Maimed) and finding a higher purpose for fighting (Trial of Justice). Depending on the PC’s influence with Khelgar and actions taken, he will eventually overcome his prejudices towards Neeshka and Elanee. Khelgar later runs into a fellow clan member named Khulmar who was within the area looking for the lost Ironfist Clanhold. Apparently Khelgar left his clan and duties to pursue his own ambition of perfecting his fighting style. This did not sit well with the rest of his clan and his initial meeting with Khulmar was less than warm. Upon helping Khulmar rediscover the Clanhold and the Gauntlets of Ironfist, he was able to mend his relationship with Khulmar and thus passing the Trial of the Maimed. When the PC is put on trial for the massacre of Ember, which he/she did not commit, and forced to fight for his/her life, Khelgar is the first to speak out against the injustice and volunteer to fight in the PC’s stead, thus passing the Trial of Justice. Upon becoming a monk, he changes his alignment to Lawful Good and switches his patron deity to Tyr.

Death: Dies fighting a group of gargoyles.

Khelgar Ironfist (Iconic)

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