Khalid (Iconic)

A nervous, shy, awkward young man who is none the less a great fighter, Khalid is willing to fight for any good cause.


N Male Half-Elf Fighter 12/Eldritch Blade 1
Color: Green/Yellow
Temperament Supine/Phlegmatic

Special: can only be recruited with Jaheria
Strength: 15
Con: 19
Dexterity: 16
Int: 15
Adroitness: 15
Guile: 12
Wis: 10
Spirit: 7

Weapon of Choice: +3 Claymore, +2 Buckler

+1 Scale Armor, +2 Halberd, +2 Longbow, +1 Longsword, Masterwork Medium Shield, Helmet of Spell Immunity (2nd Level Arcane)

Morale: F
Attack: B+
Health: B
Mind: A
Skills: C
Action: B+
Endurance: B+
Advantages: Higher than Average Intelligence
Disadvantages: Lower than Average Morale


Born to a family of fighters, son of a human mercenary, Khalid is a young, nervous, awkward man who was regularly mocked in his youth for his stammer. He met Jaheira when he was serving as a royalist sellsword, and they fell in love. Khalid is basically a decent person, though he is very prone to fear/nervousness, and thus he doesn’t make a great effort to stand up to people. However, when push comes to a shove, Khalid will be their to fight the good fight.

“Khalid nervously reveals that he was born and raised in the nation of Calimshan. He does not say much of his parents, but you get the feeling that his merchant father thought little of him, devoting much more attention to Khalid’s halfbrothers. Khalid thus threw himself into the martial pursuits, studying under members of the city militia. He doesn’t go into detail on how he met Jaheira, but his adoration of her is obvious.”

Joining the Party: Khalid will join the party if his wife thinks it is a good idea…….thats pretty much it.

Friendship: Khalid approves of people who like the outdoors, don’t mind his stammer, and have a relaxed attitude. He mostly just to wish to stay with his wife and is happy if she is happy.

Disapproval: he doesn’t like cities, people who talk too much, being the center of attention, and confrontation.

Approval: Good actions, helping others, and standing up for the underdog

Rivalry: Anybody who does evil deeds, he will make a few nervous request that they change their ways, before trying to defeat them in combat.

Personal Quest: one of his half brothers, not an accomplished sell sword, has chose to take a hit on Jaheria, and Khalid must decide what should be done.

Death: Dies fighting against a pair of clay golems, who he is able to kill with his own death

Khalid (Iconic)

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