Keldorn Firecam (Iconic)

An old Paladin trying to juggle his family and his duty


Male Human Paladin 19, Shadowbane inquisitor 5
Color: White/Blue
Temperament: Melancholic/Choleric
Romantic: no
Organization: Order of the Radiant Heart
God: Torm

Strength: 17
Dexterity: 9
Constitution: 17
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 18
Adroitness: 10
Spirit: 14
Guile: 13


He is found fighting some undead in the sewers of Athkatla under the Temple District, where the base of the Cult of the Eyeless can be accessed. He will accost the player’s party and can join their cause, at first to root out the cult. Later, when the player enters the Government District, Keldorn will ask to visit his estate where his wife and children live. Since he has been constantly absent from home, however, the reception he receives is somewhat cold, and eventually it is revealed that his wife has been alleviating her loneliness in the company of another man. Keldorn is devastated and angry, but the player can decide whether he will turn her in to the authorities as he feels he should. The other option is to talk to the “other man”, which will lead Keldorn to understand his wife’s loneliness, and decide that he will retire after serving the player character’s cause. The player can elect to give him a day off or have him retire immediately, letting him be with his family but losing his services as a party member.

Keldorn is a fair fighter, and as an experienced and esteemed paladin comes equipped with perhaps the best items of any NPC; he has both an enchanted sword and plate mail that only he can use. As an inquisitor paladin, he also has the powerful ability to cast dispel magic at twice his own level. He’s one of the older NPCs in the game, often appearing as a wise and experienced father figure of sorts to others. He gets particularly well along with Aerie, and although he has some conflicts with Anomen Delryn at first, their relationship will improve if Anomen succeeds in his knighthood trial. Keldorn disagrees with Nalia de’Arnise, who challenges the high esteem of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart when the party enters their building. He does not get along well with less morally upright people, potentially even attacking evil-aligned party members such as Viconia.

After completetion of the game Keldorn finally retires. However, when an army of Fire Giants invades Amn he takes up his sword again to lead the defenses of a strategically important outpost and dies in battle. After his death, Torm himself descends and carries Keldorn’s body from the battlefield. Ever afterward, his ghostly form can be seen at Torm’s side.

Personal Quest: Resolving his Family Problems

Death: Dies fighting against a small Army of fire Giants

Keldorn Firecam (Iconic)

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