Katrina (Iconic)

A Shepard who is trying her best to not bear a grudge.


NG Human Shepard 10
Color: Yellow/White
Temperament: Supine/Melancholic

Wisdom: 18
Spirit: 20
Strength: 8
Constitution: 10
Dexterity: 13
Adroitness: 15
Guile: 9
Intelligence: 11
Charisma: 9

Weapon of Choice: Shepard’s Crook

Item: Blue Fire Crook*

Blue Fire Crook
This Shepard’s Crooks serves as a +4 flaming staff that can use trip which allows the wielder to level 3 Fire bending moves as if using blue fire.


Katrina is the unfortunate result of a god’s example of pride. Hermes and zeus entered a town with a very strong sense of national pride, and feeling rejected by them all, they destroyed the entire town except for Katrina, who was humble enough to not be killed. She did not take the destruction of his city well

Katrina (Iconic)

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