Justice (Iconic)

A spirit who has been trapped in a human form


“Male” Restless Spirit (Human/Grey Warden Host) Warrior(Spirit Warrior)19
Deity: ???
AL: Lawful Good
Temperament: Choleric/Melancholic
Color: White
Orientation: Justice


Basically spirits of the Fade sometimes manifest human corpses. A grey warden died fighting darkspawn in the fade, and a spirit of Justice used the opportunity to possess the body and is now trying to fight evil. He remains in written contact with the widow of his host, and he agrees after a certain point, he will return his body to her.

Death: Justice lives through almost the entire war, fighting as one of the main commanders. He finally dies in defense of the Cathedral, where he guards the Door for a whole day against enemy attacks, finally dying in order to kill a Nazgul

Justice (Iconic)

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