Jozan (ICONIC)

A reluctant Cleric of Pelor, Jozan is trying to do his job when he really just wants to go home.


Jozan Male Incandent (Planetouched positive energy) Cleric 8/Sacred Exorist 5
Temperement- Supine/Choleric
Color- White/Green

God- Pelor
Strength- 13
Constitution- 14
Dexterity- 8
Charisma- 12
Wisdom- 21
Intelligence- 11
Guile- 9
Spirit- 16

Weapon style- 4 Holy War Rod/3 Holy Buckler
Equipment- +1 Crossbow, +3 Scale Mail, +1 Cloak of Resistance, Belt of Giant’s strength +4, everyburning touch, incense of meditation, amulet of Charisma +2, boots of flight, gloves of dexterity +2Scroll of Cure LIght Wounds, Scroll of Slow Poison, Potion of Cure Moderate wounds, wand of hold person, 40 croswbow bolts, 11 +1 bolts, necklace of prayer beeds (1 bless and 1 karma) pear of post (1st) Pearl of power (2nd), scroll of true seeing, amulet of undead turning, ring of invsibility purge, scroll of invisibility, scroll of silence, scrolls of daylight, +1 heavy mace, dagger, scroll of protection from element, scroll of protection from elements, scroll of ressurection, scroll of Flesh to stone,


Jozan was a young middle age man of a somewhat wealthy farmer who choose to dedicate his life to the local god Pelor. A quite, shy, and unassuming man, he took his dedication to his god extremely seriously. However he found that he felt fairly unfulfilled in the village and went to a missionary school in an extremely dangerous region, which he felt he didn’t apply for, but tried his best anyways. The Temple was famous for being somewhat militeristic, focusing most of their efforts on making magical items and scrolls, and Jozan was assigned to become the temple cataloger, in order to keep accurate records of all of the magic items. However the problem came when his temple came under attack from a major sect of Grumish, backed up by orcs, undead, and minor demons, who were able to destroy the town, as well as the local garrison and the major temple of Pelor, with almost no survivors. However the enemy army was almost completely destroyed by the effort, with only a hundred men limping back home, rich from loot but with the entire upper echelons of their church killed, and having lost almost all of their demon allies. Jozan was one of the few survivors of the battle, as he was suppose to be the cleric guarding the final bastion of the temple, considering most of the women and children and a large supply of magical items. The Attackers were never able to take the last door where Jozan was defending, and choose instead to cut their losses and leave. Jozan was the only remaining Cleric left of his temple, and choose to try to solve the mystery of why his temple was attacked, taking with him a wide variety of magical items from the temple. the remaining civilians instead stayed behind to repair their village, and after a year Jozan departed to try to find his destiny. Eventually he is able to defeat the group that attacked him, though he still hasn’t solved the mystery of why his church was under attack. He is currently traveling with the Paladin Alhandra, and the Rogue Lidda, the former has determined to help him solve the mystery of these evil cults, and the latter has been saved by Jozan in order to redeem her of her crimes. Finally they picked up an orc prisoner, Orgen, who eventually joined the party. He use to travel with the Fighter Regar, however they had to part ways due to Redgars other duties, however they still are close friend.

Approval: Jozan is a shy young man who takes his duties very seriously. He is not as inexperienced as he looks, his current journey has hardened him somewhat. He still comes off as naive and inexperienced, but he is much smarter than he lets on. He takes the tennets of mercy and forgivness particularly seriously, and makes a great effort to give people a second chance. Anybody who agrees with this and makes a great effort to bring surrendered foes with him will earn his respect, as he will make a great effort to try to make sure they can become proper adventuring party members. He disproves of theft, racism, and explicit sexualty

Rivalry: Don’t kill prisoners or give up hope for redeemption…Otherwise he is pretty chill

Romance: Jozan is very shy, and besides has a crush on Alhandra. However, he will be open to any relationship with a women who is able to be understanding to him and doesn’t pursue sex right away.

Death: Dies fighting against a an Evil Cleric

Jozan (ICONIC)

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