Jon Irenicus (Fuck you)

The only man who can match the Nameless one in sheer power


NE Male Human (Hah hah hah) Wizard/Arhivist 50, Archmage 1
Unused Levels (note, he can only use this after being destroyed properly) Mage 29, Psion 30)


Strength: 19
Constitution: 18
Intelligence: 30
Wisdom: 25
Charisma: 17
Adroitness: 13
Spirit: 10
Dexterity: 21
Guile: 14


+5 Elvenbane Dagger, Ring of Wizardry IX, Ring of Wizardry X, Ring of Protection +5, Ring of Fire Resistance 50%, Ring of Nighteye, Ring of Non Detection


Age: Age defines this character, as he is one of hte very few who met the first Nameless One incarnation. Currently he is on the end of his rope age wise however. He was an elf with a life span of 700, when he neared the end of his life, he used a powerful ritual to tie his soul to the Divine Tree in return for 2,000 years of life (2700) when his time ran out he was able to use a wish to prolong his life further, by 200 years (2900). However, this time also ran out, so he performed a ritual to bind his soul to an object and ruled as a powerful Mage king for a 1,000 years until his vessel was destroyed (3900). Rapidly aging, the only way he was able to stay alive was by leeching off of other peoples bodies, which he was able to retain his youth for 400 years (4300), this too couldn’t last however and he was forced to finally create a new body for himself, a perfect elven form. Here he continuned to learn magic and become more powerful for another 1500 years (5,800) until it was destroyed by in a magical accident. He had to body jump for 100 years until he finally was able to use a Philospher stone to stabilize himself (5900) For 300 years he continued as a highly powerful spellcaster (6,200) , until the Elven gods struck him down, forcing him to become a Vampire for 500,000 years until he FINALLY emerged as a mortal again (after his vampire form was killed (500,6,200). Then he plotted his revenge in his new artificial body, until 500 years after his return (6,700) he was destroyed by the Nameless one Again effortless. He bound his spirit to a magic item and existed in a vacume for 50

In short he is 557,535 Years old currently, and extremely powerful. All but the last few he had LA +5 which combined with his multiclassing explains why in that time he gained ONLY 51 levels, but still.

Jon Irenicus (Fuck you)

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