Jilseponie "Pony" Wyndon (Iconic)


CG Female Human (Template) Gem Master 21, Fighter 7

Weapon of Choice: Longsword (type???)

Defender: +4 Silverel metal defending longsword. Its has four magnetites which can be activated once per day without training. In addition it adds 1 to your armor classs
Cat’s eye circlet

Gems: Ruby, 2 Graphite, Turquoise, Amber, Crysoberyl (one of each), Malachite, Magnetite, 2 Sunstone, Garnet, Hermetite Tiger’s Paw, Serpentine, Clear Quartz, bag of Celestites, Ametyhst. All stones count as Maximum version of each stone. h3. Your title here…


Pony was Elbryan’s childhood friend. When their village was attacked by goblins, they were the only survivors. The horrors witnessed by Pony broke her mind and she was unable to remember what had happened. She was adopted by a family of Palmaris, the Chilichunks, and slowly started to regain her memory. She married a young nobleman named Connor but all her attempts to love him made the dark memories of her past return. Although patient at first, Connor cracked when she refused to make love to him on their wedding night and he tried to rape her. However, he stopped just in time and broke off the marriage. He gave Pony a way out by offering to let her join the army which she accepted. After joining the army, she met former Abellican Brother Avelyn Desbris, who had run away from the Church with hundreds of gemstones, the source of their power. Pony and Avelyn ran away together and the monk trained her in the ways of the stones. She became a powerful magician and was soon reunited with her lost love-Elbryan.
After the dactyl’s destruction and Avelyn’s death, Pony helped the resistance against the advance of goblin and powrie forces in the North of Corona. However, the Abellican Church wanted the gemstones back and they sent two monks after her. The monks were defeated but Father Abbot Markwart captured her family. When she found them dead, she vowed revenge against the Church. In the next book, it was revealed that she was pregnant with Elbryan’s child but it was seemingly killed during a duel with Markwart. In her rage, she fought the powerful old man again and managed to defeat and kill him. She lost her husband during this battle.
Years later, Pony discovered that her son Aydrian was still alive and had been trained by the elves like his father. Around this time, she fell in love with and married King Danube Brock Ursal becoming Queen of Honce-The-Bear. Aydrian, who had been corrupted by Bestesbulzibar’s spirit, killed her new husband and usurped the throne. Allying with her brother-in-law, Prince Midalis, Pony declared war on her son. In the final battle against Aydrian’s army, Pony fought against her son, her husband’s zombie-spirit and Bestesbulzibar’s spirit. She summoned Elbryan’s consciousness from within the zombie and they released Aydrian from the hold of the demon. Ten years later, Pony died after spending the last decade with her son. After her death, Aydrian sought to release Andur’Blough from Bestesbulzibar’s stain and succeeded with help from the spirits of all the dead rangers.

Death: Dies fighting fighting against a band of Sea Poweries

Jilseponie "Pony" Wyndon (Iconic)

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