Jeggred Baenre (Iconic)


CE Male Draegroth Barbarian 6, Fighter 4


Strength: 32
Dexterity: 24
Constitution; 22
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 3
Guile: 9
Adroitness: 5
Spirit: 3

Items: Bracers of Blinding strike (6 Dexterity, improved initiative and one extra melee attack), Ring of Protection +3, Piwafwi of resistance +4 Hide +10, Jeggred’s amulet (4 to Constitution, +3 to attack, Greater Magic Fang at will), Belt of power +4 (Dexterity and strength) bandolier, throwing dagger, barbed halberd


Jeggred is a Draegloth a half drow/half demon born from the union of a drow high priestess and a summoned demon. IN Jeggred’s case, the priestess was Triele Baerne, Matron Mother of House Baerne and former Mistriss of Arachtinilith. Jeggred towers over the typical drow, standing almost 8 feet tall in height with a broad powerful fram. He has 4 arms, two long fighting arms with dagger like claws and two smaller drow sized arms. Jeggred is a fiend in every sense of the wrod, eager to kill for the sheer pleasure of it. Only his unswerving loyality to the Spider Queen and her mortal agents, the high priestess of Lolth, holds him in check. Jeggred is quite young compared to many of the other drow of House Baerne, being only 10 years old, though he has reached physical maturity.

Jeggred Baenre (Iconic)

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