Isabela (Iconic)

A hedonistic pirate treasure hunter who has lost her ship


Female Human Thief (Nightblade) 17
Deity: ???
Temperament: Sanguine/Phlegmatic
Color: Black/Red


The Lion’s Claws (Gloves)
+2 to Finesses, +3 to Pick Lock
Foiled at every turn by the infamous outlaw Lady Rosamund, the ever-persistent Teyrn Loghain fielded an army to chase the bandit through the Korcari Wilds. Eventually, she was captured near Barshamp. Bound, gagged, and in chains, she still managed to escaped on the first night using thieves tools concealed in these gloves. To this day there is an unclaimed bounty on her head of one thousand sovereigns.

Black Fox Jerkin
+1 to all stats
During the merriest part of the night in any tavern in the lands, odds are good you’ll hear one of the many tales of the Black Fox. A scoundrel and a hero, the Black Fox’s misadventures took him and his band throughout Thedas. He’s blamed for many thefts, a few murders, a revolution, and almost a kingdom-wide civil war, but every one of his deeds were designed to thwart tyranny and oppression. The final tale of the Black Fox tells of him and his band searching for the sunken city of the elves deep in the forest of Arlathan, where he parted with this jerkin in a less than voluntary manner.

Hood’s Messenger (Shortbow)
+1 Damage per level
+2 Short bow against undead

He wields a rebel’s bow, strung tight against heartwood strained too far. It’s a tension that can’t last, but it doesn’t have to, for the cause must be won or lost while passions still burn. It’s a powerful template for revolution repeated many times across the Free Marches, but was it born on a battlefield or in rhetoric?
The “Message to the King” is where the stories usually diverge. Sometimes it’s a plea for liberty taken to a tyrant’s heart by the point of an arrow. More often, it’s carried in the clatter of sacrifice as weapons fall to a courtyard’s cobbles. It depends on the audience—the young like their victories sudden and violent, while the old prefer something more cautionary.
It may be that Hood is not so much a person as a tactic, ushered to far horizons or the grave’s embrace in order to protect conspirators. After all, how many deaths can he claim when one is the typical limit for a common man? But the tales return, time and again, across leagues and centuries. At a certain point, one hopes the name is symbolic, because allying with such a power would bring its own problems and debts.

—From Rebels of the Marches: Allegory in Rebellion, forward by Philliam, a Bard!

Ring of Resilience
+1 to one stat of your choice
+10% magical resistance
This faceted iron ring pulses with a mysterious energy. As the beating of your heart increases, so does the intensity of its glow.

Puzzle Ring of the Black Fox
+2 Finesse, +2 Cunning.
+4 to Pick Lock and Search
In Orlais, they say there are ten of these rings, one for each finger, and that the Black Fox was never without a single one. Some claim each represented a conquest; others: that they were reminders of secrets the he kept; still others: that they carried an inscription that, if all the rings were assembled as one, told the location of the Black Fox’s stronghold.
Many nobles in Val Royeaux have claimed to own one or more of the rings, but nobody has ever found them all. Their secret, if there is one, is safe to this day.
—From In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of a Chantry Scholar, by Brother Genitivi

Carta’s Left Hand
+2 Dagger, 20% of Stun
Carta’s Right Hand
+2 Dagger, Immunity to Knockback
The dusters have a saying: “Blood or coin, the Carta always gets its cut.” When Beraht was running Dust Town, he took the saying literally. He commissioned a pair of wicked blades made by Smith House Dural. Beraht gave one to his right hand, Jarvia, and the other to his second, Karshol, so that whatever hand of the Carta you got, it’d be holding a big sodding knife. Beraht wasn’t exactly a poet.
Jarvia was killed in Dust Town during the messy succession, and Karshol turned all of Orzammar upside-down looking for her blade. Some duster struck gold finding that blade and must have been clever enough to sell it right away. Stone only knows what Karshol will do to the luckless clod who has it when he finds it.
—From the account of Kalah, a casteless of Orzammar

The Irons
+1 to Constitution, 50% Fire, Nature, Shock, Cold, and Spirit Damage
Fashioned from the black steel of Kirkwall’s infamous iron foundries, miner’s safety harnesses such as this one have protected their hearty wearers since the days when the Tevinter Imperium last claimed the City of Chains.

Camenae’s Barbute
Light Helmet, +1 to avoiding missel damage

The Waking Sea Bannorn has been famous since time immemorial for its archers. When Calenhad came to demand the Waking Sea’s fealty, Bann Camenae greeted her would-be king by shooting his horse out from under him half a league from Castle Eremon. Calenhad waited outside the walls with his men until sunset, when Camenae opened the gates and met him. “You have proven you have sense and humility, Theirin. And no man can hope to lead the Bannorn without those gifts.” She then knelt and swore her oath. To this day, the Eremon family of the Waking Sea presents every newly crowned king or queen of Ferelden with two gifts: an arrow and a horse.

Romance: Isabela is very easy to sleep with, as she just needs a little bit of flirting and then she is straight ahead, but takes alot of effort to actually sleep with her, as she is very self-conscious and insecure.

Death: Isabela dies fighting against a band of enemy Qunari, sacrificing herself to save a small group of sailors.

Isabela (Iconic)

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