Ialdabode (Iconic)


LN Elan Psion (telepath) 19

Ialdabode grew up in a small village whose inhabitants all had psionic powers. During the starting training in the village most children worked with objects (moving, crafting, and manipulating) But Ialdabode on the other hand had a fascination with the mind and what could be done with it. Throughout his early years he quickly learned how to manipulate those around him to get what he wanted and eventually started seeking control of the village seeing as the elders were corrupt old creatures who were afraid of their powers. so he attacked the elders hoping to dominate them. The fight seemed to be going well and he managed to gain control over a number of them and decided to

focus on the lead elder who was causing problems by hiding behind the thrones where Ialdabode had trouble seeing due to a
cloudy substance in his eyes. his focus was so great that he never noticed one of the other elders breaking out from under his control and hitting Ialdabode with a
blast sending him to a place where he will not be able to return from at his current strength. Tired and exausted Ialdabode looks around at his new surroundings seeing an alian world that looked rather chaotic. “well” says Ialdabode, "looks like I need to find a way to get back. a couple days later Ialdabode finally happens acrost some civilization which he later learns in Heerath. joyed about finding a place to start Ialdabode heads down to enter the gate. The gate in sight he notices everyone going in being directed past a crystal “Hmm i wonder what that is” but he doesnt let it deter him and heads in but the crystal changes color. “halt” the guard told him “you are to follow me to the Planar apostle, should you refuse you will be killed”seeing no choice he follows and is led into a chamber with an odd assortment of characters.

Ialdabode (Iconic)

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