Hurgadil (Iconic)


NG Dwarf Avenger 16

God: Brell Serils

WEapon of Choice: Duel War Maces


Hymn to the Underfoot
Behold the rock; the flesh of the earth
Whose veins creak with glint of gold;
Axe-beaten, heavy molten and old
Blessed be the forge and the hearth

A servant of Brell Serilis, Hurgadil entered the world through teh rocky womb of Kaladim….wow that was needlessly sexual. Glory and honor fixed itself within the young dwarf and he heard from an early age the calling of Brell Serilis. he desired little more than to carry out the justice of the Duke of Below and follow in the footsteps of his forefathers. Tragedy befell Hurgadil, however, when his parents ventured forth on an expedition across the sea. Abundant letters describing the discovery of ice-blown lands suddenly stopped. Knights from Kaladim left ot seek out the missing adventurers, and like the explorers before them, disappeared intno uncertainty. One evening, while Hurgadil patrolled the area just outside Kaladim, a wounded dwarf messenger stumbled through the gates. Hurgadil rushed to aid him, binding the wounds with his own cloak. “The giants are coming” the dwarf gasped with his dying breath. With the blessing of his knightly order, Hurgadil left the stone walls of Kaladim in search of the missing dwarves. His journey took him to hte farthest corners of Norrath. Following the clues of his parents letters, he traced their route in search of answers. Stepping foot on the icy continent of Velious, he found himself immersed in a land ravaged by war. He disocvered fast friendship within the halls of Thurgadin and joined the strange pale dwarves in their battle against the giants. Hurgadil’s search for his parents and the missing knights continues. Bound to his oath as guardian of the Coldain and friend to his new dwarven allies, he strives to protect them from teh doom of impending war, hoping that his endeavors will uncover the whereabouts of his missing family.

Hurgadil (Iconic)

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