A psychotic War forge designed for assassination


CE Darkwood Warforge Assassin 13
Color: Red/Black

Strength: 16
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 10
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 5
Guile: 10
Adroitness: 3
Spirit: 6

Weapon of Choice: Broadsword and War Axe


“Statement: Now do you understand the travails of my existence, Master? Surely it does not compare to your existence, but still.”
“I survive. Somehow.”
“Commentary: As do I. It is our lot in life, I suppose, Master. Shall we find something to kill to cheer ourselves up?”
―HK-47 and Revan, on the struggles of living with organic physical structure[src]
HK-47’s personality programming caused him to appear misanthropic, bordering on sociopathic, to those who encountered him. The droid enjoyed observing—and often causing—death and destruction, showing complete disregard for bystanders on more than one occasion. The only organics HK-47 displayed any respect for were his masters, although he indirectly caused the death of almost all of them. He was more than willing, on several occasions while serving Revan, to dispose of anyone who annoyed the Jedi. From Revan’s point of view, the droid was much too eager to act on his programming, which unnerved the amnesiac Jedi.1
HK-47 displayed several unique behavioral tendencies as a result of his programming. HK-47 had a definite sense of pride and considered himself to be superior to all organics and droids except for Revan, who was the only person he seemed to admire—mostly for, what the droid considered, the “creative atrocities” that Revan performed as a Sith Lord. The droid also had a peculiar and perverted idea of the concept of love, which he described as “making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope.” He further mused that love was a matter of odds and found it odd that although most “meatbags” could not make such a shot, not many would derive a feeling of love from it. HK-47 had a unique speech trait and vocally prefixed every statement he made with a speech conditional that described the type of statement that it was. For example, if asking a question, he would first say “Query:” before beginning to speak.13

Due to his appearance, HK-47, as well as his subsequent models, was often mistaken by many for a protocol droid. He used this to his advantage on more than one occasion, hiding his true nature in order to covertly achieve his goals. HK-47 was a proficient killer, as well as highly innovative, using many varied techniques, most notably when hunting Jedi. The Jedi Exile briefly installed the HK protocol pacifist package, which gave HK-47 a short-lived appreciation for peace and pacifism and led him to a deeper understanding of his prey. This upgrade had to be removed, however, for the simple reason that the droid found himself horrified at the very thought of causing harm to another being and by the fact that his new behavior disconcerted the Exile. When the program was removed, HK-47 strongly suggested the Exile scan any future packages before installing them, as the thought of becoming a pacifist in function seemed to appall the droid.

Death: Dies against a small band of his own kind


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