Hennet (Iconic)

A traveler from a distant land who is seeking...nah just kidding he is basically backpacking through Europe


Hennet, Human Dragon Blooded (Minor White) Sorcerer 10 Frost Mage 3
Color- White/Red
Temperament- Sanguine/Melancholic

Strength- 8
Constitution- 15
Charisma- 24
Guile- 12
Int- 10
Dexterity- 18
Wisdom- 12
Spirit- 11
Adroitness- 7

Style- +1 Fire Bane War Spear
Gear- Amulet of Natural Armor +2, Ring of Protection +2, +2 Ring of forceshield, masterwork Light Crossbow, 15 +1 Crossbows bolts, 10 Crossbow bolts, 1 screaming Bolts, bag of Holding 1, bracers of health +2, Cloak of Charisma +4, gloves of Dexterity +2, Wand of haste, Ring of Armor +1, Belt of Magic Reflection 10 (Requires him to wear the stupidist looking outfit ever though)Broach of Protection +1, Robe of resistance +1, 2 potions of cure light wounds, scroll of Cat’s grace, scroll of endurance, scroll of knock, wand of magic missile (3rd level) backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, hodded lantern, 5 pitns of oil, sack, spell component pouch, 1 day’s trail rations, waterskin, dagger +1, Handaxe, and boots of Stealth +1.


Hennent came from a small frontier village far to the north, where his bloodline came through for everybody to see pretty early one that he was different. His family always was rumored to be a little too intimate with the local white dragon a few generations back, and so his bizarre disposition was always attribution to that. (The fact is, he is just an odd guy, nothing to do with his heritage). During his youth, the village went from a frontier village to a trading village, and he became enamered with the Eastern Traders who came to the village. He quickly became part of hte local counter culture, which explains the absurd belts and the tatoos. Early on in his life, he discovered his arcane blood, and his magic helped him in his youth avoiding trouble and becoming a local leader of the boys, and also gained quite a reputation among the local girls, including traders, village girls, and nomatic traders. After awhile, he saved enough money to join a local arcane academy to the south, and while the school was pretty shit, it was enough for him to learn how to master his magical arts and go wandering. ever since, he has been basically been just taking in the sights and enjoying what ever he can find.

Joining: Hennent can be found in any random Inn with his friend Nebin, who he is in constant competition with to prove the superiority of sorcery over Wizardry. He will join the party if any opportunity comes up where he can A) save some people B) take part in a grand world saving quest C) Lots of traveling. If they can bring Neblin along, thingswoudl be doubly good. If Ember is anywhere around, he will certainly join even faster, as he is totally smitten with her.

ApprovalL Hennet likes people, and thus anybody who has a good sense of humor and adventure is good in his book. He loves interacting and talking to people, and enjoy traveling as much as he does. He is a very good sport about his study of magic, and so anybody who can be playfully teasing towards him is good in his book. He is very much an example of counter culture, which fascinates him, and he loves learning about new magic, even stuff he doesn’t actually use. He also loves flirting with beautiful women, though he doesn’t make that much of an effort to sleep with them as he has kinda gotten tired of that life style. What he does love more than anything is eastern shit, which fascinates him and he will become instant friend with anybody who can share with him knowledge of the east. Disaproval is gained by people who don’t have a good sense of humor, takes things too seriously, or are very conformist with society (not lawful nessarily, just conformist)

Friendship: A good sense of humor, an interest in sorcery, being Chaotic and/or Sanguine, a love of travel, an interest in magic, dedication to ones craft and intellectual pride. Hennet is very easy going and dislikes people who try to impose their will on others, so he likes free spirits, artists, and creative types

Rivalry: Hennet can’t stand people who take too much pride in their own studies, and won’t admit any error. In particular, divine casters and wizards who view their magic as the only TRUE form of magic and don’t respect any other magical powers will tick him off a great deal.

Romance: hennet will hook up with anybody who pursues him, however he will only go after “exotic” women. he is interested in pursuing a relationship, though only after hooking up and having a “Friends with benefits” deal going on for awhile

Death: Hennet dies at the fall of the Third Ring, after running out of spells he stayed behind to help with his crossbow. When he ran out, he tried to escape, however saw some civilians in danger. He manages to kill a few Goblins and save them before confronted with a band of Ice Mephits. He manages to kill 5 before succumbing to his wounds.

Hennet (Iconic)

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