Halwain (Iconic)


From a street urchin to devout follower of Rodcet Nife, Halwain was welcomed into the order of the PRime Healer. Content at first to become a scholar for the temple, he quickly realized his affinity for healing. Outside the city walls of Qeynos, he saw a decaying skeleton attack a villagers. Rushing to the villager’s aid, Halwain suddently found himself uttering the strange, magical, words of healing. From that moment on, he swore an oath to protect the downtrodden and weak. After he learned all he could from his order, he set out into the world to spread the word of Rodcet Nife. Banding together with the brooding intense Vagner-hero warrior from the cold land of Everfrost-the two trekked across the Plains of Karana, though the rocky passes of Highkeep and eventually into the lands the west of Freeport. Halwain pursued his quest against the undead and the evils of Bertoxxulous, the Plaguebringer. His searching look him to the underbelly of the West Commonlands, where he discovered the cursed temple of Befallen. Crawling with undead, the vile hole housed an abundance of tortured soul begging for the release that only he and other followers of the light could provide. The experience only intensified his desire to purge all undead from the face of Norrath. Halwain roams the land and since cast a wary eye upon the haunted Estate of Unrest. Once the home of a dwarf noble, the evil-infested manor looms quietly in the craggy peaks of Dagnor’s Cauldron, awaiting the retribution of Rodcet Nite. Quillaa, a woold elf from the forest of Faydark, accompanies him of his mission, offering her aid and companionship. Bound by the desire to rid the land of rot and undeath, the two have showed considerable determination and continue to offer a helping hand wherever their light is needed.


Halwain sat across from the prisoner with a heavy heart. “If you wish redemption child, I fear little I can do to assist you.”
“I don’t seek exoneration, old man, I do not care for your pity,” Kane Bayle replied. “I request information that only one such as the illustrious archon of the Temple of Life can provide. How many did you see torn to shreds by the hands of the undead”. Pleased by his taunts, Kane burst into laughter. “You sent for me only so that you may mock me?” Halwain asked calmly. Kane said nothing, maintaining his sardonic grin, but instead he was frustrated that his barb had not caused a stronger reaction. “Why, my Lord Bayle, have you forsaken us at all? Your family, your countrymen, your very soul?”
“I have forsaken nothing, fool!” Kane spat. Halwain sat silent once again holding Kane’s gaze. It was a trick he learned form Vagner long ago. YOu ask a question and you wait. At first the answers may be full of lies or blustering insults, but soon the conversation turns silent. In time, the interrogated party grows nervous, and will do just about anything to make some noise. In that moment, the truth often reveals itself, whether the speaker wishes it or not. “How dare you speak to me so, priest,” Kae continued. “I am the true power of Qeynos! I am the one who where my weak brother could not, you should be thanking me.” Halwain listened, impassive. “And move your eyes off me, old man,” Kane said. “Your pitiful god has no hold over me. What a glorious sight it was, don’t you agree? Hordes of undead swarming the city. Grimrot was impressive, more so than I could imagine. Bertoxxulous could not have asked for better. Those undead killed were afterwards sent to him, you know. Their spent corpses are being used to enlarge his mighty army. More will, old man, DON”T LOOK UPON ME! The war of the plagues has taken its toll: I am, unkillable fool priest. A great horror will rise from my remains and immortality will be mine. Tell that to your god. Tell Rodcet Nife that his children will continue to provide the Plague bringer with fodder for his war!" The cell door opened and Halwain stood “It is time Your Grace” the guard said. Kane’s mad grin widened as the guards led him into the courtyard. Halwain remembered little of what was spokened, that day, save that Kane Bayle had been charged with unspeakable crimes and sentenced to death, which followed immediately. It was, in Halwain’s opinion, a particularly gruesome death, though Kane resisted screaming the whole time. When the crowd began to disperse and the sun finished setting, Halwain remained in silent vigil to watch the remains of Kane Bayle, and he alone saw that his own eyes that which he had expected would occur-absolutely nothing unusual.

Death: Dies fighting against a group of Bertoxxulous clerics.

Halwain (Iconic)

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