Guss Tuno (Iconic)

An ex Guru turned smuggler


CN Male Tuo-Toa Force Adapt 5, Inquisitor of the Drowning Goddess 1, Rogue 3

Weapon of Choice: Whip and Saber


Mocking Force users, profit from those who can afford it, a good scam
Killing innocents, risking your neck for nothing

“A failed Jedi Padawan who abandoned his training, the enthusiastically greedy Guss Tuno prefers the underworld lifestyle’s potential for material riches. In a perfect galaxy, Guss would spend his retirement lounging in a heated swimming pool surrounded by exotic beauties while consuming a steady diet of fresh fish and expensive cocktails. Although he often speaks before he thinks, Guss has talked his way out of certain death many times. He often uses his minimal knowledge of Jedi–and the lightsaber he stole from his old Master–to fool gullible criminals into leaving him alone. When that fails, Guss reveals he’s a much better shot than anyone would believe.”
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)

Clumsy, both with his words and his actions, it is something of a minor miracle that the con-man Guss Tuno has been able to survive as long as he has. Born to a rather large family on the ocean-world of Dac, Guss was always seen as something of an outsider; a prankster who was as clumsy as he was devious, and whose pranks would often have unanticipated and unforeseen consequences. After being caught stealing a trinket of his father’s, Guss was shunned by his family, and eventually Guss ran away from his family and fled Dac.
After bouncing from one planet to the next, Guss eventually found his way to Nar Shaddaa. Not long after his arrival on the Smuggler’s Moon, Guss crossed paths with the Jedi Master Lorenn. It did not take Lorenn long to sense the connection, however faint, that Guss had, and decided to bring the young Mon Calamari to the nearby Jedi Enclave in the hopes that Guss would learn to master his powers and serve the Jedi.

Guss was an outcast within the order, and soon grew resentful of being pushed into a life of servitude. Though he disliked his life in the Order, he never took his frustrations on his Master. Instead, he left the Order and fell into a life as a con-artist, eventually coming into the employ of the White Maw pirates. Though he prides himself on separating smugglers and businessmen from their credits, Guss is a generally kind-hearted soul who shies away from pointless bloodshed.

Death: Dies fighting against some Inquisitors of the Drowning Goddess, getting a petty form of revenge.

Guss Tuno (Iconic)

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