Grimgnaw (Iconic)

A dwarf worshiper of the monks of long death


Male Dewar Dwarf Monk 14, Monk of Long Death 3
Color: White/Green
Temperament: Melancholic/Choleric


Dexterity: 19
Strength: 16
Constitution: 18
Charisma: 8
Guile: 10
Adroitness: 11
Spirit: 14
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 17


Imaskari Kama
+8, 1D6 acid damage, Discipline +5
A palpable aura around this item marks it as tainted, perhaps rightly so, for all that is known of the Imaskari civilization points to the depth of depravity unmatched in modern times . Of course, such condemnation has had many years to fester, and while a goodly number of Imaskari have been involved in necromantic studies, it is likely that their vilification springs from later societies elevating themselves through the slandering of others.

Messenger Blade
+2 Keen Kurki
These assassin’s blade may have originated with a single cult, or perhaps were a signature weapon of a guild for a time, but whatever the case, the makers’s took their work very seriously.

5 Stars of Ojy-do
+1 Throwing stars, +1d4 cold damage
Ojy was the spiritual guide for the village of Golden, but found himself pressed into work as a smith when bandits laid siege to the community. He fashioned these and other weapons so the defenders could fight back, and though unskilled in metal working, he offered thanks to his guiding spirits for each successful hit of his hammer. That these stars still exist is a testament to the strength of his faith.

Amulet of the Silent Lord
+4 Constitution, Immunity to ability drain, Spell Resistance 10
This disc of cold black steel radiates a palpable aura of evil. The front bears the images of a crowled and faceless figure on the face. At first glance the back appears a blank void, but in certain light the hint of strange ruins can be seen tranced onto the surface.

Gem of Seeing
True seeing 1/day

This finely cut and polished stone is indistinguishable for an ordinary jewel in apperance. When gazed through, the gem of seeing enables the user to see as though she were effected by a true seeing spell

Improved Robes of the Old Order
+2 to AC, Damage reduction +1 soak 5 damage
What ever the motive of the Monks of the Old Order might be, no one doubts taht they are keenly defensively minded. Rumor has it that the masters of order attains rank by being able to survive a beating of an Ogre, without ever raising a hand in defense. True or not, these robes, produced by the order to fund monasteries, are the trade mark of any monk who would survive i nthe frontlines of combat, against an enemy clad in armor.

Ceremonial Uthgardt Belt
Immunity to Death magic and Disease, +5 fortitude saves.
In an attempt to keep the thriving Uthgardt clans under control, a long-forgotten gathering of druids inflicted them with a virulent pox. This disease soon spread out of control, and far from curbing their numbers actually threatened their extinction. To maintain the balance, these same druids created a number of these ceremonial belts to ensure the survival of the clan’s leaders. Ultimately the Utghgardt survied the plague, though the incident did not improve their opinions of outsiders.

Bracer of the Dead
DR +1 Soak 5 damage, Death Armor 1/day
Cold to the touch, these bracers seem to gleam with an unnatural light. Pressing one of the gems on the bracer seemed to enable a type of dark aura around the wearer.

Boots of Sun Soul +5
+5 AC, +3 Dexterity
The original version of these boots were said to be worn by the wise wanderer, Teki Jin, of Kara-Tur. As he traveled and grew in strength, Teki was joined by students who would follow in his path, when a student left to travel their own path, Teki would pass his old boots to his student, to remind them that every path under the sun shoudl be walked in the wisdom of the past. After his death, many copies of his boots would show up in stores, each supposedly handed down from Teki to a student. Even if these copies are nothing more more than clever forgeries, they do seem to assist the wearer in avoiding enemy attacks.

Greater Cloak of Protection vs. good
+5 AC vs. good.
Before being murdered by a Harper spy, General Methan Calcoler propsed to garb and entire Zhentarim army with these cloaks and march them into the Dales. When Menthan’s plan wasn’t implemented by his successor, the mages who created the cloaks sold them to the highest bidder in order to recoup their expenses.

Swashbuckler’s Secret
Bonus Feats: Ambidexterity, Two-weapon fighting.
The life of a swashbuckler is full of bravery, grand adventure, and epic fencing duels. Fashioned from light and breathable cotton, this nimble swashbuckling suit gives you a secret edge, when fighting with two weapons.

Gloves of the Hin Fist
+5 to attack, 1D6 sonic damage
Founded by a sect of isolationist haflings, the Monsatic Order of the Hin Fist maintains a tradition of solitude paired with the belief that one must first master the self before one can attain mastery over the outside world. Monks of the Order fashioned these gloves with sonic properties so that the outside would could be forewarned of their training and thereby now to keep a distance.

Sea’s wisdom
+1 Wisdom, Light Blue (20 feet) at will, +5 to appraise and Lore
The sea holds many secrets within her depths and much knowledge long thought lost. It is said that those who wear this helm will gain at least some portion of her ancient wisdom.

Ring of Fortitude
+10 Fortitude saves

Created by the Bedine Shaman for survival in the harsh climate of the Anauroch desert, Rings of Fortiude are gifts given to be warriors who prove their worth in raids of other tribes. While the least powerful of these are fairly common, the more powerufl and rare rings are generally owned by the shiek of a tribe.

Ring of MIght
Bonus Feats Improved Critical and Weapon Specialization (Unarmed strike) +5 to all critical strikes.
These rings are forged by clerics of Tyr to assist adherence. The wearer of such a ring of might gains great prowess at unarmed combat


escription: A cold and remorseless killer, Grimgnaw left his dwarven clan behind long ago to join the monastic order of the Long Death. Like all monks of this evil order he reveres death, suffering, and all things gruesome and macabre.

Grimgnaw is always eager to deliver new victims into the grasp of Death, the Silent Lord. Despite his fixation on death, he is disgusted by the carnage of the Wailing Death, which he disdains as not allowing its victims a “true” death.

Grimgnaw is a very tough character, being (mostly) offensive in combat, performing stunning fists.

Personal Quest:

In the original campaign, Grimgnaw gives the player an amulet for hearing his tale. These tales need following items in order to be completed:
Chapter 1: Silver ring (found in a chest in the north-western house of the Blacklake district – No Man’s Land)
Chapter 2: Mumified Hand (found in a chest in eastern part of the Arcane Brother’s tomb, along the North Road)
Chapter 3: Dagger (found in a chest in south-eastern part of Moonwood, near Vaath).

Death: Dies fighting against a band of boneguards

Grimgnaw (Iconic)

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