Gorn (iconic)

A barbarian swashbuckler who wishes to bed every women in the world


Items: Sword of Stone Strike

Sword of Stone Strike: This +5 Longsword has a 50% chance of paralyzing any enemy it hits for 1D6 rounds, making it one of the most horrifying weapons in the world.

The Sword of Stone Strike belonged to a warrior who sought to penetrate the depths of the Tomb of Praecor Loth. In exploring the initial level of the crypts, she encountered a demi-dragon and was drawn into a battle that saw them both slain.1
Later, should the Avatar happen upon the blade, they could take it for their own, and would discover that the sword had the unique property of rendering any living thing it struck temporarily motionless. This made it an invaluable weapon to a skilled swordsman, although it ironically would do little to assist the hero in dispatching the undead denizens of Loth’s tomb.


Gorn (iconic)

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