Goris son of Gunther (Iconic)

An enlightened Deathclaw scholar who wants to learn about the world


LN Male Albino Deathclaw Enlightened Scholar 11


Intelligence: 21
Guile: 18
Charisma: 8
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 9
Adroitness: 5
Spirit: 15
Strength: 17
Wisdom; 12


He is a scholar and was very curious about the rest of the world. He had learned how to crudely disguise himself among humans by wearing a loose robe (because “humans have a habit of shooting deathclaws on sight”), and claiming that he was really a human but had some deformity he wished to hide, and traveled in the wasteland among them learning as much as he could about their culture.
In 2241, he’s studying the culture his pack are forming and comparing it to human development along similar lines. When the Chosen One met Goris for the first time, he said that he had only been at Vault 13 for a few months and has acquired all the information he needs there, and wants to go again for his research. He doesn’t like to travel alone, so he offers the Chosen One to become his companion to help him in his research and wants to show that deathclaws can work with humans as friends, not enemies.

When the Enclave killed everyone in Vault 13, no matter if accompanying the player or not, he was thus spared of the massacre (because he was in one of his scholarly trips if not accompanying the player). After that, he can accompany the Chosen One to further study the world around him and to avenge his kin.

One of his particular characteristics is that he’s affected by albinism, due to a different mutation with FEV.1 His hide is completely dark grey instead of earth-tone colors like other normal deathclaws, and his eyes are red. He also has a sensitive hide due to his albinism, because even when he is among his pack, he always wears his robe and only removes it during combat. He also possesses a telepathic sense connecting him with his brothers, seen when the Enclave attack Vault 13 if Goris accompanies the player: he feels his brothers are in danger and leaves the group to return to Vault 13.

Death: Dies fighting against a pair of Alpha Death Claws

Goris son of Gunther (Iconic)

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