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Strength 16
Constitution 15
Dexterity 15
Guile 9
Charisma 20
Intelligence 18
Adroitness 9
Wisdom 12
Spirit 9

Skill Points:
1st Level (4 +int modifier) X 4
After 1st level 4 + Int modifier

Total points 32
Skill points otherwise: 28
Total: 60

Class Skills: Appraise, Craft, Disable Device, Fly, Heal, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (nature),
Perception, Profession, Sleight of Hand, Spellcraft, Use Magic device.

Animal Companion- Panther (Black)
Nature Sense- +2 on all Survival and Knowledge Nature Checks
Wild Empathy- You can attempt Diplomacy checks towards animals, as if they were people.
Woodlandstride- You can move through any dangerous nature enviroment as if you were moving at normal speed
Trackless step-You cannot be tracked
Resist Nature’s Lure- +4 bonus against Fey
Venom- Immunity- Figure it out dipshit
Swallow- Over time your natural healing is totally boasted, theirfore wounds fix themselves and bleeding stops over a course of time. Counts at 10% toxitity
Truth Draught- Takes away the Subject’s ability to knowingly lie, at the cost of some of their mental ability (for a little while). They have a sudden desire to talk incessantly and lose any inhibitions. They aren’t nessarily going to tell you the right truths, nor are they totally unaware of what is happening. However it can cause blood poisoning and sometimes might do the opposite, causing them to say nothign but lies.
Thunderbolt- Incraesed damage inflicted on opponets, but makes dodging and parrying impossible. All damage is doubled, and dodging and parry is reduced by 50%
Tawny Owl- Increased Endurance regeneration by 50%
Shrike- you can place it on your sword, increasing the pain effects by 10%
White Honey- Reduces toxicity to zero and cancels the effects of other potions.

October 14, 2011Eli Zane
Potions you can Learn later (when you level up)
White Gull- increased abilities when it comes to alchemy

October 14, 2011Eli Zane
Blindweed- Increase resistance to acid and all acid based poison by 70%
Black Blood- Turns inbiber’s blood into poison; blood becomes lethal to any monster that drink it.
Blizxard- Boosts reflexes and reation time, improving the chance of parrying and evading attacks, by 50%
Cat- Grants vision in total darkness
De Vries Extract- Makes hidden opponents visible, see invisible beings; Ability to see through walls
Full Moon- Double your hitpoints, however you cannot drink any other draughts
Golden Oriole- Increases resistance to poison
Kiss- Increases resistance to bleeding, stanches any current bleeding.
Maribor Forest- Increases Maximum Endurance by 50%
Perfume- upon consumption is effected by massive alcohol
Petri Philter- Increase the intensity of Signs
White Raffard’s Decoction- restores 30% Health
Willow- Immunity to stun and knockdown effects.
wives Tears- Neutralizes the effects of alcholol intoxication
Wolf- Increases the Chance of Precise hits
Wolverine- Increases damage by 50% when reduced to before half health

Mutagenic Potions- These are cerement



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