Falls from Grace (Iconic

An Alu Fiend who has taken up a life of peaceful contemplation


Female Alu-fiend Cleric 10, Contemplative 5
Color: Blue/Yellow
Temperament: Melancholic/Supoine
Faction: Sensates

Initial Equipment: Fall-From-Grace’s Chastity Bodice, Fall-From-Grace’s Earrings
Special Abilities: Fall-From-Grace’s Kiss, Sensory Touch


Strength: 13
Dexterity: 16
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 19
Guile: 14
Adroitness: 5
Spirit: 15


Bodice of the Godless Priestess
Armor Class: 5
…..Memorize 3 Additional 1st Level Priest Spells
…..Memorize 2 Additional 2nd Level Priest Spells
Weight: 5
Usable only by Fall-From-Grace

This is a bodice much like the one Fall-From-Grace, Madame of the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts, often wears. The enchantments woven into it by Goncalves allow Fall-From-Grace to memorize twice the number of 1st and 2nd level spells per day as she normally could.

Vrock Club
Enchanted: +2
Special: Poisons Target
Created from the bones of a Vrock, this club makes a formidable weapon.

Tattoo of The Redeemer
…..2 to Wisdom
1 to Charisma
…..+1 to Luck
Weight: 0

This tattoo tells the story of the redemption of Trias the Betrayer, and how you steered him from the path of evil into forgiveness. It reflects your wisdom and your persuasive skills, and carries the blessing of Trias with it.

Tattoo of The Sensates
Invokes: “Sensory Touch”
Special: +3 to Lore Skill
Weight: 0
Usable only by Sensates

This tattoo allows the wearer to use the Sensates’ sensory touch ability one additional time per day and also gives the wearer an “intuitive feel” for some items he encounters. This tattoo has a limited number of charges. When tattoo is depleted, it will crumble to dust.

Tattoo of Sensation
…..1 Damage with all Attacks
5% to Damage from All Physical Attacks
THAC0: +1
Weight: 0
Usable only by Sensates

This tattoo enhances the player’s senses; as a side effect, the wearer can use their enhanced senses to pinpoint a target’s vulnerable points and inflict more damage. Unfortunately, the tattoo also enhances any sensations of pain the wearer feels, so he takes more damage from physical attacks.

Tattoo Of The Lost Incarnation
…..Grants Experience Points when invoked
…..Increases Regeneration Rate when worn

This tattoo came from the severed arm you found in the Dismembered Crypt. Apparently, this tattoo tells of the experiences of one of your past incarnations… the symbols and tales are unfamiliar to you, but it seems to tell of a time when you were lost and abandoned on the streets of the Hive, barely able to make a living robbing and stealing from others you encountered. The crimes the lost incarnation committed eventually drove him to seek shelter in the Weeping Stone catacombs, where he survived for almost a year.

When worn, this tattoo seems to bring out a survival instinct in you, forcing your body to react to any damage you take and heal wounds faster.

If you choose to tap into the tattoo’s power, some of the memories of hiding beneath Sigil will return to you, giving you the benifit of the previous incarnation’s experience. It can only do this once, but even after the tattoo is invoked, the increased regeneration rate will remain.

Tattoo of The Joining
Invokes: “Friends” 1/day

This tattoo tells of how you brought Corvus and Karina together. It allows you to draw upon some of their happiness in finding each other to bolster your relationships with others.

Fall-From-Grace’s Earrings
+1 to All Saving Throws, +5% REsistance to Magic

These are Fall-From-Grace’s earrings. They give her a slight amount of protection from spells and other magic, and like almost everything else, they look really good on her.

Quint’s Poison Charm
Special: Cures Poison 1/day (cures all poisons period ever)

This is a necklace made of pointed teeth. Examining it more closely, you see that each of the teeth has been hollowed out, as if it could carry a small amount of liquid.

It is Quint’s poison charm. When used it has the ability to cure various types of poison.

Yevrah’s Ring of Almost Invisibility
Special: +1 to Armor Class
Weight: 0

This is Yevrah’s Ring of Almost Invisibility. It makes its wearer invisible – almost. Sometimes, for brief periods, the wearer becomes really, really close to being invisible – an event which is often disconcerting to an attacker – and is thus more difficult to strike in combat.

Stealth Lens
…..Phases Wearer
4 to Armor Class2 to Armor Class vs. Missile Weapons+2 to All Saving Throws+50% Resistance to Missile Weapons

The scope looks as if it’s missing its lens, but in fact, the lens itself is displaced in space: if you use your peripheral vision, you can make it out a few feet to your left, just hanging in space.
When this scope is equipped, a portion of the wearer phases out, and he becomes EXTREMELY difficult to hit with missile weapons or spells. Furthermore, the wearer is just hard to see, period; it’s almost like he’s not all there. Depending on who’s wearing this lens, it may complement his personality just fine.

Deionarra’s Wedding Ring
1 to Saving Throws, +1 to Armor Class3 to Armor Class vs. Piercing
Weight: 0
Usable only by Nameless One

This ivory ring was part of Deionarra’s legacy. It radiates a slight glow, and though it is cold to the touch, the chill is strangely comforting. The ivory band stretches to fit the width of any finger.

Among the many secrets of the Society of Sensation is the ability to shape a peculiar stone from Elysium, dubbed “soulstone.” While this stone is not as powerful as the sensory stones, the soul stone is said to carry an imprint of the shaper’s feelings. These rings are often used in Sensate marriage ceremonies, each ring inscribed with the feelings of the other. This ring was obviously intended for you.

When wearing Deionarra’s ring, you gain added protection from all attacks, and additional protection from any piercing attacks… presumably, the ring’s purpose is to shield the heart from shock and trauma, and this extends to any physical pain the wearer suffers as well.

Special: Causes Confusion
Weight: 0

This tattoo is created from the four symbols of the Revolutionary League. Wearing this openly is not a good idea.

The Revolutionary League believes that all power structures should be overthrown, and they have devoted themselves to seeing that this occurs. They are the natural enemies of nearly all the other factions, and so they must move quickly when identified. The problem with this tattoo, of course, is that it immediately identifies its wearer as an Anarchist. Authority figures have a problem with this.

This tattoo creates confusion in the enemies of the Anarchist, lasting up to 30 seconds.

Tattoo Of Saving Grace
+1 to Wisdom
+5 to Lore Skill
+1 to all Saving Throws

Some of Fall-From-Grace’s presence must be rubbing off on you, for this tattoo allows you to steady your thoughts and take events from a calm perspective, allowing you to gain more experience from your encouters. Furthermore, this tatoo helps calm the mind and allows you to control your impulsiveness, panic and harness your adrenaline rush to shrug off spells, paralyzation, and any other attacks that rely on chance to pierce your defenses.

Crimson Sphere Earring
+10% Resistance to Fire +5% Resistance to Magical Fire

This small red gem set into this earring acts like a heat sponge, protecting the wearer from heat or flame attacks. Whenver the wearer is exposed to fire, the gem draws some of the heat into itself, shielding its wearer from part of the damage.

It is rumored that each of these earrings holds a tiny fire mephit inside, and that they are so starved for heat that they will drink deep of any fire in the vicinity

Frosty Mint Candy
Invokes: “Friends”
Weight: 0

This small, round bit of hard candy makes the devourer’s breath so winter cool and frosty, minty fresh that their Charisma is increaded considerably for a period of time.

Stone Gullet Of L’Phahl The Gross
(Unique, Artifact)
…..Permanent +1 Save vs. Poison
…..Permanent +1% Resistance to Acid
Weight: 3

The Gurgling Stone Gullet of L’Phahl the Gross is not as well known as most arifacts tend to be; no wars have been waged over it, no betrayals, no epic journeys into the underworld… only a few moralizing sorcerers, a fat man, and his stomach.

As the “legend” goes, L’Phahl the Gross was said to have been a promising practitioner of the Art, a sorcerer’s apprentice to one of the Last Seers of Es-Annon. Despite his skill at the Art, however, his gluttony was the subject of much ridicule among his peers.

During the last great Massing of Es-Annon, L’Phahl was invited to dine at the center table, but unknown to him, his peers had filled his wine goblet with an elixir of turning flesh to stone to teach the rotund student a “lesson.”

L’Phahl consumed such great amounts of food and drink during the Mass, however, that it diluted the potion’s effects. Compaining of a stomach ache hours after the feast, the local healers discovered that L’Phahl’s stomach had turned to stone, yet was still capable of digesting food. L’Phahl lived the rest of his days happily eating, though his gullet was a few pounds heavier than before.

When he finally died, his stomach was removed as an oddity… and since then, it has ‘wandered’ the Planes in search of new stomachs.

To use the artifact, one must consume it (it has the consistency of stale bread)… so doing will turn the eater’s stomach into the stone gullet. Devouring the stone gullet of L’Phahl will grant the user the blessing of stone and rock and slight resistance to (stomach) acid.

Tome of Bone and Ash
Weight: 5

This worn, leather-bound tome lists diagrams and charts detailing several minor wards and enchantments. There are numerous drawings of skeletons, bones, and the manner by which they may be preserved over time.

Of particular interest is the section regarding “guardians.” Apparently, the Dustmen animate corpses of fallen giants to serve as guardians for the Mortuary. To make them even deadlier, armoring enchantments are woven into their breastplates to help shield them from attacks.

The book is much too complex for you to absorb all at once, but it looks as if you could refer to certain sections when the need arises.

Ravel’s Fingernail
(Unique, Artifact)
Damage: 2-7 Piercing
Enchanted: +2
Special: 2-12 Poison Damage

This twisted fingernail of extruded night hag skin has got to be one of the ugliest things you have ever seen. Its mottled green, red, and black surface is almost a foot long, and it seems like it was used alternately as a scratching aid, nose-picking tool, and gardening trowel. Looking at it makes you wish that Ravel did chew her nails. Or at least had a nail file with her in the maze.

Assassin’s Knuckles
Damage: 1-10 Piercing
Enchanted: +3
…..Causes Stunning

A totally redesigned version of ordinary iron knuckles, these knuckles have long razor sharp blades attached to them.

In addition, powerful spells have been placed on this weapon to better assist any would be assassin. When used correctly this weapon will stun an opponent making him easier to hit. A spell of silence is also placed on the victim to prevent him from crying out for help or in the case of mages from casting spells. To finish the job, the blades are coated with an exotic poison to ensure a quick death.

Damage: 1-6 Crushing
18/30 Base Strength
+50% Resistance to Cold
+10% Resistance to Fire
+10% Resistance to Electricity
+10% Resistance to Poison

These teeth are short, dull and radiate a feeling of unease. They appear to have been taken from a fiend of the lower planes, but their exact origin is unknown. Using the teeth grants the wearer certain benefits normally possessed only by fiends.


She is the proprietress of the Brothel for Slaking Intellectual Lusts.

In order to add Fall-From-Grace to your party, you must first speak with all nine intellectual “prostitutes” in the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts. After you’ve completed this task and realized that you are the tenth student, Fall-From-Grace will offer to join your party. My past is not a long one, at least by tanar’ri standards. I do not know if you are familiar with the tanar’ri, but we are a race of the Abyss, a staggered series of Planes filled with chaos and evil hearts.

I am a tanar’ri, a fiend, a Alu-Fiend … I grew up upon the first plane of the Abyss. My mother was a succubus herself — as I’m sure you are aware, succubi tempt mortals to bring their souls to the Abyss. My mother was among the finest, seducing countless mortal men to their eternal damnation. She now dwells in the Abyss, selling her children into slavery.

She sold me to the baatezu, the blood enemies of the tanar’ri. I think she rather expected that they would kill me — despite her knowledge of other subjects, she knows little of their culture and the delight they take in tormenting others.

Fortunately, the baatezu are a proud species. The thought a tanar’ri could best them at anything was something intolerable to them. So I challenged one of the proudest of the balor to a contest of improvisation, and it was here that my tanar’ri heart allowed me to win the day. The tanar’ri are chaotic creatures, wild and unpredictable. The baatezu are more cunning fiends, with orderly hearts. They understand improvisation, but they are not among its best practitioners. And thus, I won my freedom.

That was a very long time ago. I left the lower planes for Sigil. I encountered the Society of Sensation, and my experiences upon the baatezu instilled in me a desire to learn more of the multiverse.

Why? I believe there is a truth to the multiverse… even if that truth is that there is no truth at all. I believe that the Planes are meant to be experienced, and the more one experiences, in traveling, in joy, in pain, in merriment or in suffering, the more the multiverse reveals itself to you…

And the more you are revealed to yourself.

Personal Quest: Her mother is trying to corrupt her

Death: Dies fighting against a band of Hell Maidans

Falls from Grace (Iconic

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