Elmerg (Iconic)

A somewhat sociopathic shadow knights


CE Trolling (Everquest troll) Shadowknight 15

Weapon of Choice: Great Broadsword and Kite Shield


In a culture built on treachery, hate and violence, Elmerg stood as a model example among his corrupt, vile people. Young in the gill and ambitious toa fault, it was inevitable that he would enter into the sahdowy order of the Greenblood Knights. Where Tunare smiled upon her Koada’Dal holy warriors,Cazic Thule scourged the trolls with a thirst for blood unmatched by many. Quick to prove his fierceness, Elmerg slaughtered his way through the froglok stronghold of Guk, paying little attention to the route he had taken during the bloodshed. It was only with the fortunate assistance of another adventuring troll that Elmerg escaped from the depths of his foolhardiness and made it back into the murky daylight of his home. Once his wounds healed (along with his pride) Elberg listenedto his rescuer speak of great lands beyond the swamps of Innothule. His people, content to waste away within the troll city of Grobb, seemed to lack the vision he was born with. Hate with honor or without-a lesson taught to him by the Greenbloods-opened his eyes to a new ambition. Trolls in their physical superiority were the hammer of Norrath, not the anvil. Elmerg’s lofty realization spurred him to leave the swamp and actively search for other races that shared his immediate need for adventure. Striking north, he aided groups of humans and elves against the raiding orcs that threatened the desert sands for Ro. he quickly built a reputation and lined his pockets with the spoils of adventure. Under the guise of a strong arm for hire, Elmerg now offers his services to greedy adventures in hopes that his exposure will provide him with the insight into the many strengths and weaknesses of Norrath’s Race.


Elmerg has dreamed of this day for as long as he could remember. When the frogs had invaded Grobb and claimed it as their own, the troll’s dreams of infamy became less important than revenge. Admittedly, Elmerg had not been present during the invasion; his wandering had taken him to BRoken Skull, where he found acceptance and opportunity in abundance. Still the fall of Grobb and the emergence of Gukta infuriated Elmerg to no end, and though he pleaded with the Broken Skull trolls to mobilize against the frogloks, few developed any interest. Now Elmerg stood shoud to shoulder with an army of ogres. Though he had agreed to join the Teir’Dal in their War against Faydwer, promises made by dark elf captain and nobles to aid him in recapturing Grobb proved surpassing empty. When Neriak’s First Gate was sealed, what was left of the Antonican troll nation migrated to Freeport to live in squalor and oppression yet again. Traitor some of his own kind had called him when he sought to join the Rallosian Army. A traitor he might be, but in the end he would laugh last, for the great army now stood before the city of Gukta. Some humans once said, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend/” and he was likely more right than he knew. In truth, Elmerg had no friends, but the biggest army Norrath had ever seen was about to knock on the door of Gukta and for Elmerg, that was enough reason to enlist. He trusted in nothing but vengeance and the dream of instilling the fear of Cazic-Thule into every Guktan the crossed his path. The war cry sounded, and Elmerg gripped his blade, pulling his shield closer to his chin. The army stormed the city of Guktan. Magic filled the skies as frogolok wizards rained pain and fire upon the Rallosians. Paladins of MIthaniel Marr dug in and put forth a massive defense. Finally when the blades were sheathed and the dead counted, Gukta had been conquered. What was left the Froglok forces retreated into the ancient ruins of Guk. Elmerg sorted through the bodies, slaying any froglok still moving. “Curse you all” he growled, his eyes bugging out in bloodlust" “It is you who are cursed” a voice croaked. Elmerg spun and searched the field wildly. There kneeling over teh body of a slain froglok, was a young female Guktan. She held the symbol of MIthaniel Marr in one hand, and a naked sword glowing faintly in the other. she glared at Elmerg with a great fury. Elmerg drew his sword and faced off against his foe.

Death: Dies fighting against a band of froglok.

Elmerg (Iconic)

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