Dorn Il-Khan (Iconic)

A blackguard with a thirst for vengeance


NE Male Half-Orc (???) Fighter 12, Blackguard 2



“Do not annoy me with such simplistic notions of morality.”

Born in the Spine of the World, Dorn fled to Luskan with his human mother when a rival tribe annihilated his father’s savage people. In that northern city, Dorn’s ruthless strength soon won him a deadly reputation and the attentions of a band of mercenaries whose wickedness exceeded even Dorn’s. Imprisoned for the crimes of the entire group, Dorn made a fiendish bargain granting him even greater power and the promise of revenge.

A Blackguard of few words, Dorn is only too happy to ally himself with Gorion’s ward and cut a bloody swath across the Sword Coast with his black greatsword, as long as that path continues to lead him to the traitors he has sworn to destroy.

Death: Dies fighting against a band of enemy Templars while holding the Othgiliath Bridge

Dorn Il-Khan (Iconic)

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