Devis (iconic)

A snarky Bard who is in denial about the fact that he is actually a good person. Sorta


Devis, Male Half Moon Elf Bard 7, Mourner 3
Color- Red
Temperament- Phlegmatic/Sanguine
Strength- 13
Dexterity- 16
Constitution- 10
Intelligence 12
Charisma- 21
Guile- 17
Spirit- 8
Adroitness- 10

Style- 1 Robe Sword, +1 Buckler
+1 light Crossbow
Bracers of Armor +1
Ring of protection +1
Gloves of Dexterity +2
Cloak of Charisma +2
Wand of cure light wounds (1st level)
Scroll of Break enchantment (10th level)
Backpack with waterskin, one day’s trail rations, bedroll, sack, and flint and steel
Three Torches
Quiver with 20 masterwork bolts and 20 normal bolts
Lute/Spell Component
+3 Studded Leather Armor
Potion of spider Climb
Scoll of dispel magic
Scroll of Locat object
Scroll of see invisbility
wand of Cure light wounds
Amulet of Natural armor +1
Broach of Protection +2
Ring of Protection +2
20 +1 Bolts
Bag of Holding
Bracers of Health
Ring of Protection +1
wand of cure moderate wounds (5th)
Cloak of Charisma +2
Gloves of dexterity +1
Yamaica of bardic music (
2 to all bard songs)
potion of fly
Scroll of break enchantment
Scoll of Leomind’s secure chelter
Scroll of see invsibility


The product of an Elf Merchant, a human barmaid, and some really shifty gin, Devis grew up in a tavern in a small trading village. After a short stint in the the army in order to make up for being caught in theft, Devis skipped town in order to try to make a living on the frontier, where his quick wits and skill with a blade would help him out. Or at least get him lots of money. He lucked out with finding a wight’s tomb, and after defeating them was able to get himself a great deal of magical items. However in his effort to defeat the undead cult, Devis found himself considering the morality of his job, and recently has been taking a greater effort to try to help those around him, while looking cool. Devis is undermined by the fact that he is sleazy as fuck and tends to be try to hard to seduce any attractive elf girls he comes along.

Devis was the resort of an elf traveler and a human barmaid after one night of….jello shots and bad anti children weeds. Growing up in an inn gave him an….interesting view point on life to say the least, and to be frank, Devis is the master of sleeze. He is also the master of having a good time, seducing girls, or getting himself arrested.

Devis will join your party if you accept his help during the undead attack on the Inn, or if the party has a single female elf who is willing to take him up on his advances. As he is absurdly needy, he will stick with the party for her.

Approval- Devis approve can be gained by people to maintain a dry sense of humor in any situation, or people who don’t mind letting their standards go. Devis dislikes elitism and doesn’t believe in the concept of art, instead believing that art is defined by entertainment before anything else.

You gain Friendship with Devis if you teach him new songs, are willing to fight evil, help him support his mother, approve of chaotic methods, play cards with him, or teach him a good drinking song. Buying him drinks is another easy way of gaining his approval.

Rivalry can be gained by lawful methods, conservatism, elitism, classicism, religious devotion, or absolutist standards. he also strongly disapprove of wealth or anybody who hopes to impose government upon others, being a bit of a libertarian himself.

Devis can be romanced by any straight female elf, though he refuses to accept one who has a relationship with somebody else. It will always start out as a one night stand, but he is willing to make it more lasting if one is patient with him and actually listens to what he has to say.

Death: Devis dies during the fall of the Outer Wall, when his section of wall held out whiel the rest gave in. He kept up support and used his cross bow until he runs out of bolts and has to resort to his sword with the men. He dies up against a small band of wights.

Devis (iconic)

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